Take Global Witness Report Serious, US Embassy Advises Liberia


Monrovia – The United States Embassy in Monrovia has called on the Liberian Government to take seriously the recent Global Witness Report which has linked several past and current government officials to bribery and Corruption.

Mr. Joe Chamberlain, the political analyst at the US Embassy near Monrovia was speaking in Monrovia last Friday when a pressure group, the Youth for Progressive Action petitioned the American government through its Embassy near Monrovia to swiftly intervene in the controversial Global Witness Corruption saga report.

Mr. Chamberlain said the British Firm, is a credible body whose report should not be taken for granted.

Mr. Chamberlain quoted US President Barack Obama as saying that corruption is a cancer that is sending the countries on the Continent of Africa backward

The US Embassy official says it is important that a proper and impartial investigation is conducted to ensure the right result is realized.

The group through its spokesman Sekou Kalasco Damaro; in a three-page petition urged all LLLawmakers linked to the report to step aside from legislative activities until the findings of the task force can be released.

Mr. Damaro noted that in the case of former Margibi County Senator Senator Roland Kaine who was linked to massacre in his county.

The group added that the decision if taken; will help fast track the work of the Task Force. In the absence he noted they fear unnecessary bureaucracies, late service to the process, conflict of interest and delay tactics.

The petition also called for an extra independent body to be set up to include the LACC, GAC, Civil Society representative, the Justice Ministry and others to show a clear picture of the findings from the investigation.

It can be recalled that the group on Monday visited the National Legislature to present similar petition but they were given no attention.

The group however said they remain unbinding in their campaign and will take their advocacy to the door steps of all indicted officials until the right thing is done because according to them corruption is among many other things that are helping to put the country backward and is also making the masses suffer on a daily basis as poverty and lack of basic social services are indisposed.

Julius Konton, FPA Staff Writer