SUP Cautions NEC to Adhere to Supreme Court Mandate


Monrovia – The Students Unification Party (SUP), the oldest student-based political movement at the State-run University of Liberia (UL), has welcomed last week ruling by the Supreme Court and at same time cautioned the National Election Commission (NEC) to what they referred to as the “unconditional cooperation” of the Court’s mandate before the run-off election can be conducted.

Report by J.H. Webster Clayeh – [email protected]

Addressing newsmen Chairman Butu Levi pointed out what he called a “cloud of uncertainty” looming over the political future of Liberia.

“We consider it patriotically judicious to highlight a number of topical issues which could possibly ruin our emerging democracy and wreck our fragile peace if caution is not taken,” Chairman Levi said at SUP Headquarters on UL main campus Wednesday.

 “The National Elections Commission under the chairmanship of Cllr. Jerome Kokoya must responsibly demonstrate that it is law abiding by adhering to the Court’s ruling”.

After a long standstill on a legal pursuit filed in by the Liberty Party on irregularities and fraud at the Supreme Court; the court on Thursday, December 7, ruled that the Run-off election should go ahead, but at the same time mandated NEC to institute some corrective measures geared towards minimizing electoral irregularities.

Notably, among these measures were; the full cleanup of the Final Registration Roll (FRR), the publication of the FRR in hard copies to all Election Magistrates and polling places across the country, the disqualification of anyone whose name is not found on the FRR, the avoidance of an addendum to the FRR only to those in NEC polling and counting manual and the disqualification of poll watchers who are not registered at their places of assignment and whose names are not on the FRR.

But, without any information about whether the NEC has started to adhere to the Supreme Court decisions; the NEC has begun the progress taking voting materials in various parts of the country, something SUP warns the NEC to refrain from.

SUP Chair “Any recalcitrant posture from NEC in terms of deliberately objecting to the Court’s mandate could further impede Liberia’s democracy and fertilize a seed of national discord and deepening political quagmire. SUP cherishes the value of the Rule”, SUP Chair noted.