Social Media Debate: Was Weah Right to Allow ECOWAS Parliamentarians Sign on His Shirt


Monrovia – The printing of autographs on the shirt of Senator George Weah, the leader of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) during his 50th birth anniversary, has sparked a debate on social media.

Report by J.H. Webster Clayeh [email protected]

Senator George Weah’s 50th birthday was on October 1, the same day as Nigeria’s Independence Day.

Nigeria gained Independence from the British to become self-ruled on 1st October, 1960 and became a public in 1963. Nigeria as an independent country is 55 years while the Federal Republic of Nigeria is 52 years old.

In a way of identifying with the Senator, member of Nigeria Parliament printed their autographs on the shirt of the Liberian Senator who was in Abuja attending session of the ECOWAS Parliament. Weah was cladded in cream African attire; the autographs were everywhere on the senator’s clothing.

But debate has sparked after pictures from the event were posted by Wade Allison on the Darius Dillon Center for Intellectual Exchange with the caption:

“Does celebrity signed on his or her fans or does the fans signed on his or her celebrity.”

The post generated heated exchanges from many Liberians, with some thinking that it is out of order for Senator Weah to allow members of the Nigerian parliament to print their autographs on his shirt while others believe that it was a special day in his life and at such it was his right to have a souvenir.

FrontPage Africa highlights the thread of post on Facebook

Lafallie Joseph, first to post, said celebrity signed on their fans.

Within less a minute, Godwin Wiah Jr. added by saying “with Weah, anything is possible.”

Followed by Well Jones who said: “It was his event, so the guests decided to sign. No big deal about who sign”.

Adding up, Romeo P. Zeegbean expressed concern: “what thing be your concern in that want again…your will make politics out of everything Now…Chey!!! Liberian people”

According to Wade Allison  it is not politics, it seems strange and she wanted to know the meaning. “Folks, I’m seeking understanding… void of politics”.

G Isaac V. Gueh thought George weah was the signatory but Adolphus John Boimah-Porte believed: “Weah was using his shirt to take attendance. “Hahahahah, this man is completely different”.

Her first comment, Cecelia Freeman differed with Wade: “when your question has some ulterior motives, these are the kind of answers you get”.

Hneade H Teah cautioned Wade Allison to find herself a study class to understand the Montserrado county Senator.

Winfred Ralph Gibson posted: “some of you guy will soon start doing it, because it’s one copy”.

Philip Weekie Doe wants Wade Allison to realize that Weah had a special time in his life by celebrating his 50th birth anniversary. “Does this have to do with how, when and why? This is not politics”.

Verlano T. Dixon Jr. added: “great history for his unborn great-grand-children to see. What a great souvenir”.

For Anan Thorwenie Thompson, the shirt was specifically designed for Weah’s 50th birthday. He urged critic: “there’s absolutely nothing wrong about it. That been said, let’s move on to some more substantive issues”.

Shola Adeneye said: “anything the man does la style. Your will respect the honorable”.

Cecelia Freeman came back and said: “this was a special birthday gift to the Senator by the Nigerian diplomats, so everyone thought it wise to sign their names since it is a gift from every one of them. It is like people writing their names on a gift before presenting it”.

Adolphus Lake adds up: “I think this is good, is like Jesus washing his disciples’ feet instead of the other way”.