‘She Guided Me’: Liberian President Pays Homage to Fallen Educator, Advocate


Monrovia – The Trinity Cathedral Episcopal Church in Monrovia was filled with sympathizers, family and Government officials who turned out to bid farewell to fallen advocate and Educator Mother Mary Brownell Saturday.

Report by Bettie K. Johnson Mbayo, [email protected]

Father James Sellee, Dean of Trinity Cathedral recalled the positive role played by mother Mary Brownell in addressing pitfalls in Liberia.

Those words were bolstered by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who heralded some of the numerous letters sent to her by the deceased, writings she says offered her comfort and guidance.

“She lived an inspiring life, and I had a very frank friendship with Sis Mary. We talked, she sent me letters from time to time, she guided me – that’s how she taught me to be what I am today, she play a great role.”

The President recalled that the communications from the fallen icon were not singing praise tunes but hit home some stern warnings and criticisms:

“The letters she sent use to guide me, advise me and many times to criticize me.”

“They helped me sometimes to be moderate in the decision I will take as president.”

The President said women of Liberia and the world will recognize the contributions Mother Brownell made to Liberia.

Sis Mary is gone but her life lives on; it lives on through every woman of Liberia on how they act, how they lead, how they prepare themselves and what they do and say, it lives on in every young girl who goes to school and inspire to be a leader.”

In offering comfort to the family, the President said surviving family members represent what mother Brownell stood for.

“If we look at the skills in that family and what they are individually and collectively contributing, we know that she demonstrated in each and every one of you.’

“Let God give us all the strength and continue to strive to make country better.”