Serene Mobile Extends Free Medical Services to Upper Montserrado County


Louisiana, Montserrado County – Residents of Louisiana in upper Montserrado County are commending the Serene Health for All Mobile Clinic for its humanitarian services and the provision of free medical treatment in the area.

Report by Edwin Genoway [email protected]

The residents turned out in their numbers after hearing that the Serene Health for All Mobile Clinic was in the community providing free medical treatment in the community. People were seen carrying their children and older parents for treatment.  

Serene Health for All Mobile Clinic program was founded in 2013 by a group of nurses from the Redemption Hospital headed by Memah Paye Pelham.

With support from the National Oil Company (NOCAL) and Exxon Mobile, Serene Mobile has rendered free medical services to citizens in Clara Town, West Point, Louisiana and other communities in rural Liberia.

In a joyful mood, residents who turned out for treatment in Louisiana praised the group for their efforts in bringing relief to the health sector by providing health services for the poor people.

“We happy to see and hear that they are here to help us with free treatment, we have clinic here but most of the times we don’t have the money to take treatment and we are poor people here, so the way the people here to give us free medicine and treat us, we thank God for them,” Ma Sarah Johnson 73, noted.

Another beneficiary of the program, Madam Lauwo Daniels called on the government of Liberia to help Serene Health for All Mobile Clinic by including them in the budget to empower them to reach out to places where government has no hospitals.

“The government of Liberia needs to help these promising young nurses that are sacrificing for the nation by providing free health services for the poor people.

Talking to you, I am a nurse, but as you can see I am aging now, to see such young people carrying out such great project is laudable, we must commend them for their effort,” she noted.

The program also looks after pregnant women and treats them as well as monitors and gives them the necessary education how and when to visit the hospital. Pregnant women who are on the Serene Health for All Mobile Clinic program are given package after delivery.

One of the pregnant women, Yassah Barway who heard about the program said she is being treated by the Serene Health for All Mobile Clinic team and she was given medication and educated on when to go to the hospital and what food to eat.

“I am glad to be here because not everyone has money to go to hospital. Since I got on this program things have been good for me. I am asking that this program goes across the entire country and not Monrovia alone, our brothers and sisters in Bong County, Nimba and other parts of Liberia need the same treatment like this,” she noted.

Memah Paye Pelham, Chief Executive Officer of the organization, is a young Liberian nurse who graduated from the Cuttington University nursing school in Suakoko Bong County.

She dedicates her life to giving back to the community.

With sponsorship from NOCAL & ExxonMobil, Serene is making inroads into hard-to-reach communities, slums and rural communities in Montserrado county.

At the third outreach for the year 2017 at the J.W.A Richards public school in Louisianan outside Monrovia, Madam Pelham said she was proud that her organization, with no budgetary allotment from the government, is making meaningful contributions in the lives of people.

“We have been engaged with this exercise a little over five years now and we are glad that our efforts are being recognized by NOCAL and ExxonMobil”, Madam Pelham noted.

She added that her organization will continue to render free medical services in the midst of mounting resource constraints.

The mobile clinic is made up of several physician assistants and nurses who do checkup and provide drugs to patients based on examination results. 

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