Senate Confirmation of Deputy Police Chief May Ignite Protest


Monrovia – Some officers of the Liberian National Police (LNP) have threatened to protest against the confirmation of Deputy Police Inspector General-designate, Ms. Sadatu Reeves.

President George Manneh Weah recently appointed Ms. Reeves along with Mr. Patrick Sudue as Deputy and Inspector General-designate of the Police, respectively.

The aggrieved officers, who asked for anonymity, said the Presidential appointee is someone who doesn’t seek the welfare of her subordinates.

The officers said Ms. Reeves served in the same position in previous regime and did little or nothing to help improve their welfare.

One of the officers stated: “The delay of resources and distribution of items were not equitably done for all.”

“When Gregory Coleman approved, she would turn it down. “

“She has a bad human relation.”

They further accused her of discrepancies in salaries especially amongst officers of the same status and department; and wrongful dismissal of employees without due process.

“We are not against her as an individual, but we are against her selfish behavior and sheer wickedness she meted out against us officers.”

Recently FPA contacted Ms. Reeves on the charges by the officers; she said she is not supposed to purchase uniform, while terming the allegations as baseless.

“[Former Police IG] Chris Massaquoi didn’t provide uniform, Marc Amblard didn’t provide uniform, I will not take money from my pocket to buy uniform,” she said.

“I don’t know why they are calling for me not to be confirmed but everybody got their own way of thinking.

She tried to blame this newspaper for listening to her subordinates’ plights.

She angrily told FPA: “You think as a journalist this is how you will make money to damage me, but I know you will face me and apologize like some of your friends.”

At her confirmation hearing, on Tuesday, February 7, vowed to tackle public misconduct of Police officers and to work collaboratively with the LNP Inspector General-designate Sudue, to strengthen discipline in the ranks and files of the LNP. She spoke when she shared the witness stand with Mr. Sudue before the joint vetting committee of the Liberian Senate in the open chamber of the Capitol Building.

But the aggrieved police officers said those vows were made during her previous confirmation hearing and did not do anything to improve their welfare.

“This is the same promised she made first, so what change is she bringing now? In one of our general meetings, this same woman promised a lot of things but today, to no avail, all we are saying that she shouldn’t be confirmed by the Liberian Senate.”

The officers alleged that Reeves is planning for an investigation to be launched in order to establish who the officers, who detested her confirmation are.

“We heard that she is planning for an investigation to be done to know who against her, and if she is confirm she might revenge because we are not in favor of her nomination.”

They fear if Reeves is appointed, she will go after them.

The committee, which is headed by Senator Thomas Grupee, includes the Committees on Judiciary, Defense, Intelligence and Veteran Affairs.

In line with Article 54 of the Liberian Constitution of 1986, the two top Police officials designate like other nominees were invited to explain their academic qualifications, job experiences, suitability and to give reasons why the Senate should consent with the President of the Republic of Liberia for them to head the nation’s top internal security posts.