School Proprietor Laments 13-year-old Rape Victim’s Pregnancy


Montserrado County – A classmate at the Better Future School in the King’s Farm community in Montserrado alerted school officials that the 13-year student who was living with Representative Morais Waylee (District 2, Grand Gedeh) was pregnant.

Family sources told FrontPage Africa in early May that Waylee accepted responsibility for the pregnancy and has been supported the girl, the baby girl and the family.

The Grand Gedeh representative denied that he had sexual relations with the minor.

“When the student told us she was pregnant, we went looking for her,’’ said the proprietor of the Better future institute Yeah Bull.

“We found her in the King’s Farm community, but she was always hiding, so we didn’t bother her.’’

School officials said they considered Waylee to be the girl’s father. A young man from Waylee’s house handled the girl’s documents and school paperwork, said Bull

The teenager started skipping school in December, said Bull.

One day, she passed out, he disclosed. School officials tried to find out from the teen what was wrong with her, but she said, ‘My father told me not to talk to anyone,” said Bull.

“Every time officials attempted to talk to the teen about the pregnancy, she would run away, he said.

According to Bull, the adolescent was a very smart student.

She was always on the honor roll.

“It hurts us the way she left school, mostly for her because she was pregnant,’’ said Bull.

“If she returns, we will accept her. She hasn’t done anything to us, it just that we are saddened by the way she left us.’’

Nehemiah Gonpein, her Science teacher, said “she was one of my brightest students. She was always seen with her books.

She dreamed of becoming a doctor, but her dream now is shattered,’’ Gonpein said.

“For me, I think she should return to school despite her having a baby.’’

Lisa, a second-grader, 10 years, said she and the 13-year-old used to walk to school together and ate together during recess.

“I really miss her,’’ Lisa said.

The teenager‘s family lived in a house owned by a woman only identified as Theresa.”

Theresa said the teen and her father left for Grand Gedeh in the middle of the night and “I had no knowledge.’’

The mother and older siblings left during the day, she said. 

The family lived in Theresa’s house for about a year. Waylee, she said, used to bring coal for the girl’s mother to sell. 

According to Theresa, she had no problem with who was coming, but only wanted her rent paid. 

“For me, I want my money, your problem, I don’t follow,’’ she said.

Theresa said she knew the girl was pregnant, but she didn’t ask any questions. 

“All these things, we must blame the girl’s father,’’ she said.”

“He’s harming the little girl because she was here pregnant. Who in this community doesn’t know the story?” he asked rhetorically.