Representative Ben Fofana Honored by Churches in Margibi County


Margibi County – A group of pastors from thirty-two local churches under the banner of the Larkayta Pastoral Fellowship Network in Larkayta Township, Margibi County have bestowed honor on Representative Ben A. Fofana of Margibi County electoral district number four.

The Larkayta Pastoral Fellowship Network president, Pastor John Boakai presenting the certificate of honor to the Margibi County district number four representative in Compound Town situated along the Bong Mines road said the faith-based organization honoring of the Representative Fofana was due to his selfless leadership style demonstrated over the years in the county.

Pastor Boakai named some of the dividends Margibi County has benefited from as a result of Representative Fofana’s exemplary leadership as human resource capacity building, infrastructures development; including schools, women resource centers, police station, clinic, town halls; and educational support to his constitutes through the provision of scholarships, among many others. 

The Larkayta Pastoral Fellowship Network president noted that based on these and many other developments, the network of pastors though it prudent to honor the Margibi County electoral district number four lawmaker.

Pastor Boakai at the same time acknowledged that Representative Ben A. Fofana has also made enormous contributions to the Larkayta Pastoral Fellowship Network and some member churches in the areas of cash, cement and roofing sheets donations.

Making remark in response to the honoring, Representative Ben A. Fofana described his honoring by the group of pastors from the 32 churches as the highest and greatest honor he has ever received in his lifetime.

The Margibi County electoral district number four lawmaker said his honoring is a total motivation and a reminder to him to continue to put in more efforts in doing better for the improvement of society, promising to continually work for God and humanity. 

Representative Fofana clarified that his contributions to society over the years are not to get reward from mankind, but are intended to glorify the name of God.

He dedicated his honoring to the father almighty who, according to him, is the giver of life. 

Representative Ben Fofana has asserted that in spite of all the political attacks and criticisms meted against him, he’s not deterred, but remains steadfast and focused on making his contributions to the development of Margibi County electoral district#4 and Liberia at large. 

The Margibi County Lawmaker noted that his many contributions to the society are his sole responsibility adding that, “as a leader, you should be ready at all times to look to your people and solve some of the challenges they may be faced with”. 

Representative Fofana alleged that his many contributions to the people of Margibi County has caused his colleagues at the level of the Margibi County Legislative Caucus to hate him because, they claimed that he always prove that he is wealthy by making these contributions. 

He also alleged that some members of the Margibi County Legislative Caucus and county administration have labeled him as a confusionist because he has been involved in exposing their habit of stealing the County Social Development funds.

He vowed to never conspire with any leader in Margibi County to siphon money intended for the development of the county.

The honoring program was graced by a cross-section of citizens of Larkayta Township including pastors and local chiefs of the township. 

Yawah Jaivey, Correspondent