Rep. Waylee Unable To Produce Driver For Questioning in Alleged Rape Investigation


Monrovia – Days after the Ministry of Gender ordered that the driver of District no.2 Representative Morais Waylee to produce the living body of the 13-year-old rape survivor, Waylee has told investigators that his driver is in a sick bush.

Report by Bettie K. Johnson Mbayo, [email protected]

The driver is an uncle of the survivor who brought the girl to Waylee to be educated but later took her away from his (Waylee) home after she was allegedly impregnated by the lawmaker.

The alleged rape was first reported by FrontPageAfrica on May 3, 2017. Subsequent follow-up stories by this paper gave the Ministry and its investigators the clues to investigate the case. 

Representative Waylee has repeatedly denied his involvement with the minor and the uncle who drives for him.

According to the Ministry’s inter-office memo which is captioned: “Update on an alleged rape case involving District #2 Representative Morais Waylee of Grand Gedeh”, upon the FrontPageAfrica’s report, the Gender Based Violence Division of the Ministry contacted the Gender County Officer in Grand Gedeh County where the girl is currently being kept to follow up on the allegation.

The Ministry report stated: “That the Uncle who brought the survivor to Monrovia for a better living condition be brought for questioning and if possible, be arrested to provide information on the whereabouts of the alleged survivor.”

Currently, Waylee is undergoing investigation by the Liberia National Police and has told investigators that his driver is in a sick bush, and he has no knowledge of the specific bush.

A driver he previously told FPA that he doesn’t’ know.

At the time he said he did not understand why he was being questioned by investigators because he knew neither the girl nor the driver.

The uncle who Waylee claimed is in the sick bush previously lived in a rented house owned by a woman who only identified herself as Theresa.

Theresa told FrontPageAfrica Rep. Waylee often brought bags of charcoal to the survivor’s aunty for her to sell.

She disclosed to this paper that she was aware that the 13-year-old was allegedly impregnated by the lawmaker, but it was none of her business.

“For me, I want my money, your problem, I don’t follow,’’ she said.

“All these things, we must blame the girl’s father,’’ she said.

‘He’s harming the little girl because she was here pregnant. Who in this community don’t know the story?” she asked rhetorically.