Rep. Thomas Fallah Drops House Speakership Ambition


Monrovia – Representative-elect Thomas Fallah of Montserrado County electoral District #5 has announced that he is dropping his ambition to contest the pending Speakership election at the House of Representatives.

Report by Willie N. Tokpah – [email protected]

Representative-elect Fallah told FrontPageAfrica Tuesday that it was important to leave something for a bigger one in the future.

“If it is the decision of our party for us to disengage from the race, we will move on. Our party needs to go on.

The life span of our party is interesting: this is a 24-year journey and not just six years.

Six years is just a prelude; this party is going to have a long lifespan and we are young people, we must grow, and there are lots of things we must let go for the future. We wait for the instruction of the party,” Rep. Fallah said.

He promised to adhere to any decision that would be taken by the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) for the speakership, but expressed the need for consultation to be carried out.

The CDC has named Representative-elect Dr. Bhofal Chambers as its candidate for the post.

“Definitely you know that I am an institutional person, we need further consultations, I remain an institutional person and as Honorable Fallah, I believe in the CDC,” he stated.

Rep. Fallah said the need to move beyond personal interests and put the party first is important in order for them to win the Speaker post, noting that the party remains supreme.

The Montserrado County lawmaker disclosed that he has already met with President-elect George Weah on the matter but will also be looking forward to the leadership of the Coalition in making his final decision on whether to quit.

“Backing off or moving forward is a two-way street: I am qualified, I am capable and have all of the pedigrees that are required to be the Speaker of the 54th National Legislature.” 

Rep. Fallah also used the occasion to confirm rumors of his illness.

He told journalists Tuesday, January 9, following his return from Côte d’Ivoire, where he had gone to seek medication, that he fell ill right after the runoff election.

He lauded President-elect George Weah for giving him the courage to seek medical attention abroad.

“We are prepared to foster the agenda of the President-elect. It’s time for us to remain focus and prayerful,” Fallah noted.

Touching on his illness, the Montserrado County electoral District #5 Representative-elect attributed it to an attack from his detractors; a situation he said did not only affect him but his entire household.

“I did not come here on my own, I came here through the blessings of God, and so there is no man that can take this life.”

“We had a tarry that identical night; it was during the tarry that I felt off,” he narrated.