Rep-Elect Blasts Minister Werner “Education Tabata” Assertion 


Monrovia – Montserrado County representative-elect, Mr. Hanson Kiazolu, has described as disdainful a “Tabata for leadership” comment made by Education Minister George Werner.

Kiazolu, who is the former Comptroller Accountant General, told prospective graduates of the African Methodist Episcopal University, that Minster Werner does not deserve his post as Minister of Education for making such ‘disgraceful outbursts’ about the country’s educational system.

He blasted the Education Minister terming his assertions as one that compromise the dignity of any state, which wants to compete with other nations educationally.

He said the Minister’s statement is a disgraceful outburst as he is entrusted with the statutory mandate to enlighten the society, educationally.

Representative-elect Kiazolu made the statement when he served as guest speaker at the induction ceremony of the 18th graduating class of the African Methodist Episcopal University on Campus Johnson Road.

It has been over two months now since Education Minister George Werner came under serious criticisms for terming education as “Tabata for leadership.”

Minister Werner used his Facebook page in September of this year to tell Liberians that his understanding of Education is ‘Tabata’, meaning nonsense in the Kru vernacular.

Minister Werner also made a derogatory social media statement against Vice President Joseph Boakai’s response to a question he (VP) answered in the first presidential debate before the October 10th polls.

When asked about his accomplishments for the past 12 years as Vice President, VP Boakai compared himself to a race car parked in a garage for a long time.

Werner, who is a staunch supporter of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) though a key member of the Unity Party administration, took the Vice President to task for his comment.

Werner asked on Facebook, “What a race car? No sensible person parks a race car that long. It was probably not roadworthy, or it was too old to maintain.”

“Get the Director of Transport to send it to the General Services Agency (GSA) for retirement. Bad analogy!”

In another comment against the Vice President, Werner wrote: “How could you be trusted? You have turned Liberia into a prostitute that you had sex with when your penis [got] vexed, showing up when you need votes. We shall see.”

Those and series of posts drew the attention of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who warned him to stop.

He wants students and other Liberians to vehemently reject such interpretation from Minister Werner whom he believes should not even have the opportunity to sit around any government institution.

According him, a new day is coming when Liberians will collectively tread a path toward improving the nation’s education sector.

He challenged the AMEU prospective graduates to sustain trust and confidence of themselves, their fellow students and school authority.

“Let me task you students, that your commitment to uphold the highest ethical standards and practices in your collective effort is essential for sustainable trust, vibrant and quality education during your leadership,” Kiazolu stated.

The Montserrado County District 17 representative-elect at the same time urged the students to be guided by the ideals of honor and excellence, as they foster the enterprise of integrity and quality in school system, nothing their objectives must transform their education and aspiration into tangibles.