President Sirleaf Presents Act Seeking Smooth Transition to Legislature


Monrovia – President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has submitted to the National Legislature a bill titled Presidential Transition Act, 2017. 

Report by Henry Karmo – [email protected]

In the draft bill, the President stressed the importance to establish an arrangement for the transfer of administration from one democratically elected President.

In the draft bill, the arrangement will set up the frame work for smooth transfer of political power and governance.

The purpose of this law is to build a strong foundation and culture that embrace democratic value for sustainable peace, management, and regulation of the transfer of political power and other related matters.

This act when passed into law will continue the path of peaceful resolution, smooth transition of political power and governance, stability and a sustained democratic development.

Further, in the bill, President Sirleaf said, other countries striving to consolidate and sustain their fledgling democracies incorporate provisions of immunity for former Presidents and Vice Presidents which are intended to encourage outgoing leaders not to want to entrench and perpetuate themselves in office.

“I have not set to include such provisions into this law. Instead, I have thought to defer to the wisdom of the legislature to determine if it deems it necessary that immunity provisions would contribute to the promotion of a healthy vibrant irreversible democratic path for our country.

“Mr. Speaker, Liberia needs continuity, peace and smooth transitions of political power from one elected President to another elected President, I, therefore, request your kind and timely consideration to enacting into law this important legislation that very germane in keeping the long last peace enjoyed in Liberia.”

In the draft law, the President of Liberia shall appoint 15 persons, including the Director General of the General Service Agency and the Director General of the Cabinet, who shall be the secretary to the Transition team and shall be responsible for submitting the final report as provided for in the law.

The President and the Vice President-elect shall be co-chairpersons, provided, however, that the President-elect and vice President elect may delegate any member of the transition team appointed by them to serve in their capacity.

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