Pres. Sirleaf Orders Mary Broh to Temporarily Administer Bureau of Vital Statistics


Monrovia –  President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has ordered the Director-General of the General Services Agency (GSA), Mary Broh to temporarily take charge of the Bureau of Vital Statistics at the Ministry of Health so as to restore order, cleanliness and systems.

The directive comes after President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf paid a surprise visit to the Bureau Thursday, June 15, 2017 and discovered unprecedented filth at the exterior and interior with garbage and litter strewn all over the offices.

The President also observed that important documents were haphazardly scattered on the floor with no proper filing system.

FrontPageAfrica recently reported that there has been a spate of complaints from the public about operations at the department, particularly its head, Solomon Barton.

In a letter to FrontPage Africa, Eunice Dahn, SREP Coordinator at the Rural Renewable Energy Agency (RREA), lamented that there is absolutely nowhere to sit during the processing of their birth certificates.

“There is an old tent at the back of the building with no chairs that over 200 persons are expected to fit into,” she stated.

“When the sun is up like it was on the day in question, the tent is extremely hot. People who went to process their birth certificates congregated at the entrance of the building that had the only shade.”

The Liberian mother said Barton insists that all must stand in the sun and when it is met with disapproval over the dehumanizing condition, he “disqualifies” the applicant, she alleged.

According to an Executive Mansion release, President Sirleaf has also urged the general public to exercise patience and understanding as the Bureau will remain temporarily closed for a short period while Madam Broh and her team work to restore cleanliness and order.

“The government is set to initiate automation of the records and data at the bureau during the period of closure to the public,” the release stated.

Meanwhile, the President has ordered the Director of the Bureau of Vital Statistics at the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare, Mr. Solomon Barton to report himself to his boss– the Minister of Health, Dr. Bernice Dahn for administrative review.

Already, the team from the GSA under the supervision of Madam Broh has begun work aimed at giving a facelift to the facilities of the Bureau.

The GSA is statutorily responsible for the maintenance of all public buildings and assets.