Police Officers Urge Senate to Reject Deputy Inspector General Nomination


Monrovia – Some Officers of the Liberia National Police have threatened not to work along with Sadatu Reeves, the appointee for the position of Deputy Inspector General For Administration.

The officers claim the presidential appointee doesn’t seek their welfare of the Liberian National Police. 

Tensions erupted in the basement of the Police headquarters when angry officers gathered in anticipation of a meeting with some members of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC). 

According to reports, they had gone there to officially announce the reappointment of Deputy Inspector General For Administration Sadatu Reeves. 

The officers, who asked not to be named, said they are “very bitter and disappointed,” saying that they can no longer work with her. 

The officers disclosed to FrontPageAfrica that since she take over as Deputy Inspector General for Administration, she has never considered the welfare of officers specifically officers in the rural areas. 

“The delay of resources and distribution of items have not been equitably distributed to officers,” one officer said. 

“When Gregory Coleman approves, she will turn it down and she has bad human relation.”

“In life when you have subordinates you treat them with respect and she lacks that.” 

“Let’s look at the distribution of allowances, some receives fat allowances while others receive low allowances but the both got the same rank, which we think it’s unfair, even the vehicles they have distributed on who she want to have and not officers with higher rank.” 

The officers accused Reeves of discrepancies of salaries especially amongst officers of the same status and department; wrongful dismissal of employees without due process. 

Some of them described her as a “wicked administrator” who lacks the will to improve the force. 

“Some of us officers stay in the cold for months without being employed but when people of their interest are brought in, they get employment status the same day,” another officer explained. 

“Officers cannot get even a fitting house in rural areas. There are too many things happening at the level of LNP.”

“We are not against her as an individual, but we are against her selfish behavior and sheer wickedness being meted out against us as officer.

Her administrative decision as deputy Inspector General is always faulty and is never in the interest of officers here.” 

“It is against this backdrop that we are resolved to resist the confirmation because she is of no help to this institution.”

“If President Weah is calling for power to the people and change as we saw during the campaign, he should consider his decision to withdraw the nomination of Reeves.” 

The officers said their logistics especially uniforms, batons and handcuffed for officers in rural areas and remote urban areas are not given. 

But Reeves in reaction to the officers’ allegations said she is not supposed to purchase uniform, while terming the allegations as baseless. 

“Chris Massaquoi didn’t provide uniform, Marc Amblard didn’t provide uniform and I will not take money from my pocket to buy uniform,” she said.

“I don’t know why they are calling for me not to be confirmed but everybody got their own way of thinking, but you journalist I really don’t understand sometimes, some offers just come and say things and you wholeheartedly receive it.” 

She angrily told FPA: “You think as a journalist is how you make money to damage me, but I know you will face me and apologize like some of your friends.”