Peacebuilding Technical Group Calls on Political Parties to Abide by Rule of Law


Monrovia –The Technical Working Group on Peacebuilding and Reconciliation in Liberia is calling on all political parties along with their supporters to uphold the rule of law in the ongoing stalemate surrounding the run-off election in the country.

The group also wants political parties respect the outcome of ongoing investigation into alleged irregularities that marred the October 10 representative and Presidential elections.

  The meeting called on the media to strengthen its information and communication system regarding the election through local languages.

“The media is encouraged to be conflict sensitive in its reportage taking into consideration the targets and audience” the meeting stressed.

In a quick response to that statement, the United Nations offered the use of UNMIL Radio Station to inform and educate the public about developments surrounding the ongoing situation regarding the election, as well as peace and reconciliation.

During the one-day dialogue which took place at the weekend in the conference room of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the working group agreed to intensify its engagement with politicians and other stakeholders in the election process.

A release from the Liberia Peace building office is quoted as saying, the need to strengthen the early warning and early response systems across the country through the county Security Council and the county peace committee to prevent the escalation of any potential violence, was also highlighted during the discussions.

Speaking during the meeting, Internal Affairs Minister Dr. Henrique Tokpa commended the stakeholders for gathering to brainstorm on Liberia’s forward match.

Dr. Tokpa used the occasion to debunk speculations around the country regarding the establishment of an interim government in Liberia.

“This is not possible given the clarity of the constitution on succession in leadership of the country”, the Internal Affairs boss lamented.

For his part, the Executive Director of the Liberia Peacebuilding Office, Edward Mulbah, called for more support to the institution to develop policies and programs that would foster peace and reconciliation in the country.

Mr. Mulbah said the discussions were aimed at brainstorming on ideas and programs that would complement ongoing initiatives geared toward fostering peace and reconciliation, especially political reconciliation.

Another speaker at the dialogue, the Chairman of the National Traditional Chairman, Chief Zanzan Karwor, reiterated the council’s commitment to addressing the ongoing tension surrounding the election.

Chief Karwor blamed the exacerbation of the tension in the country to what he called the immaturity of the country’s youthful population, noting that they need to be cultured in politics and the management of the state.

The Liberia Peacebuilding and Reconciliation Technical Working Group November 15, 2016 by national stakeholders and was later endorsed by international stakeholders.

The objectives of the working group include to support the Peace Building Office develop programs, and strategies on peace and reconciliation in Liberia.

Members of the technical working group on Peace and Reconciliation in Liberia are:

Liberia Peace Building Office, Liberia Peace Ambassador, Governance Commission

Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice (Project Management Unit) and Independent National Commission on Human Rights.

Others are: Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, Liberia Decentralization Support Program, National Traditional Council of Liberia, National Governance Council of Liberia, and Messengers for Peace, and Crusaders for Peace.

UNMIL, UNDP, UNICEF, among other development partners are also part of the technical working group on Peace and Reconciliation in Liberia.