New Taste to Election – NAYMOTE Begins Second YPLS Class


Monrovia – After a successful completion of the first class of the Young Political Leadership School, NAYMOTE is expected to begin the second class beginning August 8-12.

Seventy five young political leaders from cross sections of political parties, university student leaderships and independent candidates who are passionate about improving Liberia’s democracy and electoral politics will undergo 5 days intensive training in Campaign Planning, Campaign Communications, Voter Contact, Message Development-Creating Powerful and Persuasive Messages, Citizen Engagement, Participatory Decision-Making, Leadership Styles and Skills, etc. Participants will also engage in a Mock Election Campaign Event, and more.

NAYMOTE Executive Director, Eddie Jarwolo said, the YPLS aims to strengthen and contribute to Liberia’s democracy through building the capacity of young political leaders that can make political institutions more effective players in the political system of the country.

He emphasized that the initiative is a part of his organization’s (NAYMOTE) democracy enhancement program for Liberia.

H.E. President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is expected to serve as keynote speaker, on the topic: Young Political Leaders and the Transformation of Liberia; while the Ambassadors of the Embassies of the United States of America, United Kingdom, Sweden and the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General are expected to address the opening ceremony.

Jeff Fox, Political and Communications Strategists, Conflict to Peace International Consulting based in the USA will serve as lead facilitator.

NAYMOTE-Partners for Democratic Development has launched the Young Political Leadership School (YPLS) in Liberia to respond to election challenges.

This program seeks to empower young Liberians who are youth wing leaders in political parties and political support based groups.

The program targets young independent political candidates who have the will to serve and need a deeper understanding of political and governance processes in the country.

The program aims at strengthening the capacity of young political campaign managers, campaign organizers, voters’ base managers, civic educators as well as public relation officers.

The young leadership program was firstly organize in April of this year under the theme “Organizing Political Campaigns’.

The YPLS is a development program designed by to empower young political leaders with the tools and knowledge needed to support the development of research-based campaign platforms, effectively build and manage voters base, lead effective political campaigns, engage voters, to and deliver issue based campaign messages.

The YPLS wants to ensure that political platforms reflect the views of the people and electoral campaigns are organized based on standards and are free from violence; so as to increase citizens’ trust in political parties, improve Liberia’s democracy and electoral politics.