NEC, UNDP and Partners Collaborate to Strengthen Logistics and Operations for Future Elections


Monrovia – The National Elections Commission and United Nations Development Programme supported by international partners from the European Union, Sweden, Ireland and Canada are working to strengthen the logistics and operational capacity of staff during training being held between 10-12 April 2018.

Over a two-day period the participants in this training reviewed the present logistics and warehousing practices of the National Elections Commission, identified best practices in this field and highlighted the need for improvements in the system currently employed.

This event was part of the support of the partnership between the National Elections Commission, United Nations Development Programme, European Union, Sweden, Ireland and Canada through the election support project with a fund of USD16.6 million. In 2018 These partners are planning to support the rehabilitation of warehousing space across Liberia in 2018 including revising the asset management system as part of this project’s wider goals of strengthening the overall capacity of the National Elections Commission.