Musicians, Soccer Stars Pledge Support to All Liberian Party


Monrovia – As the presidential and general elections come closer, scores of musical stars, soccer stars and some politicians have officially joined the All Liberian Party (ALP) to support the presidential bid of Benoni Urey, political leader of the ALP.

Report by Augustine T. Tweh – [email protected]

The musical icons that joined the ALP include: Margras, Christophe the Change, Chiller Coolnanee, Teddy ride, Soul Fresh, LIL Bishop, DJ Don.

 Soccer stars who pledged their support are Sekou Jabateh Oliseh, Theo Weeks, Zola Pupo, Kpah Sherman and Deeyou.

Others are Daniel David of the CDC, Michael Kamara CDC, Moivee Dennis of the Liberty Party (LP) and Joe Kpoto were politicians who cross over to the ALP.

The official program took place on Thursday May 18, 2017 at the national headquarters of the ALP, Nippy Town, Old Road.

Speaking during the program, Benoni Urey welcomed the team of supporters, adding that ALP remains the best place for every Liberian.

The ALP politician said the decision taken by the group to support his presidential bid, is in the best interest of the country, stressing that with the support of every Liberian, it would help liberate the masses from the hands of political crooks.

“We have suffered for too long, we have suffered for the 170 years of our existence.”

“Today I can see change coming; today I can see light ahead of us. I can see some of the most talented sons of Liberia coming together to push one goal” he said.

ALP presidential hopeful added that he is energized to push the platform of the ordinary people, noting that it is time for Liberians to work together and face the many challenges confronting them.

“I want to say to you my partisans, it is time for us as Liberians to hold hands and work together to make the change we want.’

“It is time for you to wake up to realize that the time for you in life has come. I want to change each and every one of your lives, so we can tell these people that they do not own Liberia, but rather we own this country” he asserted.

Urey said it is time for Liberians to think positively and vote wisely to change Liberia from mess to best as president Sirleaf described the country.

He used the occasion to call all well-meaning Liberians to vote wisely in the best interest of their children’s future and Liberia at large, noting that Liberia’s future depends on the decisions we will make come October of 2017.

“Our children are dying, our children are not in school because no job, while others sit and eat the money. So let’s work together to improve our water system, health system, education system and love one another.”

“The ALP is not a party that can eat the Liberian people money” he noted.

Also speaking at the program, Henry Costa Representative Aspirant of District#6 said Liberians have suffered for too long due to leadership letdown, adding that Benoni Urey remains the most honest and humble man to lead Liberia to a brighter future.

He said 70% of Liberians are unemployed, 68% of Liberians lack safe drinking water, something he said does not mean well for the country.

“We live in a country where just few people enjoy the wealth the country. Benoni Urey is the only man who can help the Liberian people to live a better life” he said.

On behalf of the musical artists, Soul Fresh expressed gratitude to the ALP for recognizing Liberian musicians especially when the industry lost one of its stars, Quincy B.

He musicians were least in the Liberian society, but with the help of the ALP today the Liberian musical industry has taken a new trend.

“To our fans, if you believe in our talents, if you believe in mama Liberia follow the ALP and our future will be greater” he said.

Daniel David, former member of the CDC who crossed over to ALP thanked the ALP family for accepting him as a member of the party, adding that his move to the party is not a mistake, but the best place for his political sojourn.

“My leaving from the CDC is sad news and good news.”

“My reason for leaving the CDC is that I believed the promises CDC made to the Liberian people. “

“They promised us that they have come to will us from poverty, they promised us equality education, but have failed us” he said.