Montserrado County District to Benefit Free Advance Medical Equipment


Montserrado County – newly elected representative of District #12 in Monstserrado County, Dr. George B. Samah, has announced free-of-charge medical testing and diagnostic services for people in the district.

Report by Gerald C. Koinyeneh – [email protected] 

Speaking to a team of reporters at his residence in New Georgia Estate on Wednesday, January 12, Dr. Samah noted that the two-day exercise commences on Friday and ends Saturday, January 20 at the Robert H. Ferguson Clinic in Chicken Soup Factory, Gardnesville Township. 

The testing and diagnosis will involve the use of a Quantum Magnetic Resonance Body Analyzer, which is 21st century state of the art medical equipment. 

It collects the weak magnetic field of human cells for scientific analysis and determines the tested persons’ health status, the main problems and put forward standard treatment and prevention recommendations. 

Dr. Samah said the machine was brought into the country “through the kind courtesy of his daughter, Jomo Samah Weston”, a registered Nurse working in the United States. 

He described the initiative as the “beginning to making sure that the health needs of the people of District #12 are improved”. 

He hailed his family for the support in reaching out to his constituents and promised to use his expertise and influence to deliver basic services to the district and Liberia at large. 

“We intend to work with our people to serve the clinics and medical facilities that are in the purview of the people in the district; but the sky is the limit.”

“We will extend to other clinics as we did during the campaign processes, build bridges and hand pumps.”

“We will not be biased in the process. We will reach out to other people far and near,” he said. 

“What we will endeavor to do is to reach out to people.”

“Having worked with the WHO, I have started taking with some people in the African region and the Western Pacific to come help boost the health need of the people. And they have given their commitment.” 

The lawmaker daughter, Jomo Samah, said was glad to bring it to Liberia to render basic service to the people. 

She added that the equipment is a new and effective tool used by renowned medical practitioners in the United States to conduct scanning and testing. 

“It’s very unique because it only takes 60 seconds to scan one person. And right after that it comes up with everything that is wrong with you and tells you in detail. It’s not well known yet,” she said. 

“I know for a fact that the healthcare system here is not very up to par. So, I figure that we could help the people of District #12 with this machine to at least get them on the path to finding out what’s wrong with them.” 

Mrs. Weston, a medical practitioner with over ten years’ experience, disclosed that a team of local medical practitioners will be trained to operate the machine in her absence. 

She promised to lobby with colleagues, friends and families in the diaspora to render more support in order to help improve the crippling health sector of Liberia. 

“So, we planned to make a tour to maybe two to three clinics in the district, get an idea and I am going to put together a proposal to my colleagues in the US and reach out to people to see if they can help in any way. “

“I know it is going to take time. There is nothing that can happen overnight. But we plan on definitely walking and working with all of you to help make this better for everybody,” she said.