Momoh Takes Over Liberia Water & Sewer Despite Corruption Red Flag


Monrovia – Moseray Momoh – the man who was at the verge of dismissal from the Liberia Water and Sewer (LWSC) for grave act of corruption – has officially taken over the entity as Acting Managing Director.

Report by Willie N. Tokpah – [email protected]

Mr. Momoh was recently appointed by President George Weah as Deputy Managing Director for Administration for the entity.

He served as procurement officer at the LWSC from 2014-2015 for the African Development Bank sponsored rehabilitation of the White Plains Water Treatment Plant.

Momoh smartly tendered in his resignation from the entity on July 30, 2015 having been hinted of his dismissal which followed an investigation into his involvement with tampering with the bidding process for the contract.

The investigation found him liable of the tampering with the bid process and failing to disclose his relation with one of the companies/individuals participating in the bid.

However, regardless of his tainted character, mainly at the LWSC and a decision reached by the LWSC Board making his ineligible for rehire, Momoh took office on Tuesday, March 13, promising prioritize the plumbers during his stay at the entity.

“One group, specifically the plumbers, will be made a priority in this administration with a priority of their concerns, focus and satisfaction.”

“We will increase the number of plumbers; build up their certification and capacity to better serve all Liberians,” Momoh said.

Momoh said the George Weah pro-poor agenda would compel him consider the need for all Liberians to have safe drinking water and water sanitation.

According to him, the need to decentralize LWSC activities is important, which he noted could be achieved with the help of international partners.

Momoh further stated that his resurfacing at the LWSC has given him an overreaching vigour to help government transformed the living conditions of Liberians.

“Yes, we are convinced it is a big task, but with your help, our commitment and willingness to serve, we can begin the process of reforming our water and sewer sector,” Momoh noted.

As acting head of the LWSC he has named the increment of water supply from 6.5 million gallons per day to 10 million gallons as his first project.

Another project he intends to embark upon is the launching of the social connection fund, where 1000 new customers in Buchanan, Kakata and Zwedru would be reconnected to the LWSC.

 This, according to him, would ease inefficiency, increase inefficiency and improve revenue generation for the corporation.

Momoh work at the corporation collaborate with hi leadership in reporting leakages, water theft, emergencies and expansion of LWSC hotlines in Liberia.