Mary Broh Cited by Court For Calling Sheik Kouyateh ‘Mandingo Dog’


Monrovia – Though three men of the Acting Vital Statistic Mary Broh were arrested and charged and are currently on bail, Sheik Kouyateh has prayed the magisterial court to cite Madam Broh for a conference.

The communication in possession of FPA shows that Broh and Kouyateh are expected to appear to the stipendiary magistrate of the Monrovia City Court, Kennedy Peabody.

“Acting upon the order of his honor Kennedy Peabody, Stipendiary Magistrate Monrovia City Court, Temple of Justice you are cited to attend a conference to be held at his temple of justice chambers on Friday, the 18th day of August at 10AM.”

The communication furthered: The conference however is predicated upon a complaint brought against you by Mr. Sheik A Kouyateh by his legal counsel, Gongloe & Associates Law firm in connection with the incident of August 10, 2017, when Mr. Kouyateh was allegedly beaten at the birth certificate center on the capitol bye pass upon your order.”

The conference is geared toward amicably resolving the issue.

It can be recalled Kouyateh accused Madam Mary Broh, of attacking him and labeling him a “Mandingo Dog”.

He said he had gone to check on his brother whom he left at the center to pick up his Birth Certificate at 9:30am when the incident occurred.