Macdella Foundation, Bill Rogers Youth Foundation to Promote Education


Charlesville, Margibi County – The Macdella Cooper Foundation (MCF) in partnership with the Bill Rogers Youth Foundation (BRYF) have joined forces to work together to improve sports and education for Liberian youth in one packet.

Report by Webster Clayeh – [email protected]

The MCF, which is owned by Macdella Cooper, a presidential aspirant in the 2017 election is an international charity organization.

The MSCF says its motto is to prepare, educate and motivate Africa’s most vulnerable children, disadvantaged youth and marginalized women to become productive contributors to their nation’s economic, social and political future.

Similar to MCF, BRYF is also owned by Bill Rogers, a Liberian athlete based in the United States of America, and its aim is to build the mind of the young people through varieties of sporting activities.

Speaking during a one-day visit paid by the BRYF to the MCF at Charlesville in Margibi County over the weekend, Madam Cooper it was an honor to partner with Bill Rogers to launch the initiative.

“Today is a very important day because we had two of Liberia’s finest foundations coming together to put effort to move the youths of Liberia forward,” she said.

“We are coming together to help young people find their way through sports and education.”

“At MCF, young children beginning from four years old have not only been going through reading and writing but also music and traditional Liberian dance.”

Madam Cooper said Bill Rogers brings strength to her organization which is developing the minds of the young people through sport and it is very important to them.

“I think this is one of the missing pieces of the puzzle we have been looking for because sport really helps young people focus better,” she noted.

“The BRYF has come on broad to help young people who are interested in playing a sport like a football, basketball, kickball or even track and field.

So, we are looking forward to the BRFY to foster the kids’ talent in those areas.”

Explaining her venture, Madam Cooper said when she returned to the country in 2005, she saw kids roaming the streets.

According to her, if the children roaming the streets are not educated, the country is going to face a huge problem in the future.

Also speaking, the country representative of the BRYF, Emmett Potter, said the partnership with the MCF will strengthen and build the capacity of much-underprivileged youth in the country.

“We will be working with the MCF to explore the talent of the Liberians youth for the next generation,” he said.

He said the foundation has surveyed twenty acres of land in the Konoquelleh clan, Cinta Township, Margibi County to build a multipurpose center.

“We are going to launch the program called get off the streets and get in school.”

“We will be making sure that every child that has the talent but cannot be developed because there are no opportunities given them.”

“So, we are going to give them the opportunities to develop their talent.”