LoneStar/MTN Sued For Breaking Police Officer Legs in Accident


 Monrovia – A Police officer who legs got broken through an accident involving Lonestar Cell MTN vehicle has sued the company for damages.

Report by Bettie K, Johnson Mbayo, [email protected]

Both of Officer Momolu Sumowalt legs were broken in the fatal accident.

The incident occurred on February 7, 2016, at 12:45 AM when the GSM Company’s driver Morris Gberman was on regular duty from Monrovia to Caldwell and intentionally left his lane for the opposite lane in an attempt to dodge a pothole accidentally collided with Officer Sumowalt who was on a motorbike.

Sumowalt in his complaint to the Civil Law Court said he will produce the X-rays of his broken legs.

The police investigation also held the GSM Company liable for the accident and found Gberman in violation of violating section 10.10, 10.33 and 10.4 of the vehicle and traffic law of Liberia.

“Plaintiff (Sumowalt) submits and says that because of the callous, negligent, careless and gross disregards defendants thru the Atlantic Life and General Insurance issued in favor of the plaintiff Ecobank number 00479192 with face value US$150.00 as hospital bill,” said Sumowalt.

The plaintiff said the 2nd defendant (Lonestar) should be held responsible for the accident for the fact that the 1st defendant (Gberman) was hired by the Lonestar as a driver whose negligence and gross disregards for life and properties including his legs and motorbike.

The plaintiff also included the insurance company (Atlantic Life and General Insurance) on grounds that the company insured the vehicle against any damages caused resulting from the operation of the vehicle whenever it’s involved in an accident.