Liberian National Police Officers Warned to Stay Out of Politics


Monrovia – Authorities of the Liberia National Police have warned Police Officers across the country not to get involved in political activities during these electioneering periods.

According to Deputy Police Inspector General for Operations, Abraham Kromah they will not hesitate to dismiss any officer who will get involved with political activities.

“If you know about any Police Official who engaged in politics, report that person to the Police and immediate action will be taken against that individual”.

Col. Kromah said Police officers are not politicians, but urged Police officers wanting to get involved in political activities to resign, or take leave of absence to enable them do their politicking.

 The Deputy Police Inspector General for Operations also assured that the Police will not get involved in election activities.

“The Police will not be responsible for the processes of the elections, ballot boxes, elections materials, among others; those are the sole responsibilities of the National Elections Commission (NEC),” Col. AB Kromah asserted.

He noted that the Police is responsible to ensure that the process is secure, and the Liberian people are protected while carrying out their campaign activities.

 He also called on the public to support the LNP, and trust the ability of the Police to ensure a violence free election process in the absence of UNMIL.

The Deputy Police inspector general for operations also disclosed plans by the Liberia National Police to deploy at least three officers to each political party’s headquarters.

According to him, those officers will be responsible to inform the hierarchy of the LNP about the activities of political parties on a daily basis.

He pointed out that the initiative is intended to ensure that political parties do not meet at the same time, and place. “If Party ‘A’ is having a rally in Gbarnga, Parties ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘C’ and etc…. should be in different parts of the country”.

He spoke Wednesday at the start of a three day election dispute management training organized by the Peace Building Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in collaboration with the African Center for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD).

The training is aimed at empowering political parties and civil society organizations on how to manage election disputes especially so when the country is gearing up for elections in October this year.

Col. Abraham Kromah wants Liberians to demonstrate that they are capable of conducting a violent free election void of the presence and involvement of foreigners/partners.

Col. Kromah promised that the Police will not rest until the elections are over, and even after the elections the Police will also be on its feet to ensure that the country and people are save.

In a related development, Col. Kromah has just returned from Lofa County, where has gone to preach the message of peace and no violence ahead of the October elections.

He called citizens of Lofa County especially the youth, to do away with violence during these electioneering periods.

“No one should encourage you to cause trouble in this country because he or she is not satisfied with the results of the elections”.

“If anybody comes to you to engage in violence for their selfish interest, say no to him/her” Col. Kromah cautioned citizens of Lofa County.

Speaking earlier, the citizens praised the Police for the levelled of work being done but called for more support to the Liberia National Police to enable it effectively carries out its responsibilities throughout the country.

They also called for the Police to be equipped to enable them fight crimes without fear

The Deputy Police Inspector General for Operations was recently in Gbarpolu, and Margibi Counties on similar non-violence campaig, while his boss, Col. Gregory Coleman has been to Rivercess, Grand Bassa, Grand Cape Mount, Nimba and Bong Counties spreading the same message of peace and no-violence.

Col. Kromah disclosed plans by the Liberia National Police to shortly extend the exercise to southern Liberia and other areas.