Liberia’s Water and Sewer Need US$5M Annually to Supply Water


Monrovia – The Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) says it needs about US$5 million each year to address the adequate supply of water across Liberia.

Report by: Willie N. Tokpah – [email protected]

Most parts of Liberia are yet to benefit from adequate water supply as the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation has complained that there are some impediments to adequate supply of the essential commodity thus creating water shortage in Monrovia and its environs.

The LWSC has reported interruption of its pipeline that runs from White Plains to Johnsonville which is creating hardship for the free flow of water as well as poor energy supply as problems associated with the slow pace of water supply in Monrovia and its environs.

Speaking Thursday at the LWSC Headquarters in Monrovia, Director Hun-Bu Tulay revealed that there is a crack of the concrete protecting the pipeline thus making it unable to contain the high level of pressure from water flowing from the main stream.

The Pipeline was constructed in 1966, designed to stand high level water current but its current condition seems deplorable.

In an effort to repair the pipeline, Director Tulay said the LWSC has purchased a five Millimeter Steel Plate to carryout reconstruction work on the pipe affected along the Johnson route.

“Up to date as we speak, we have completed 75% of the work and the welding is already completed pending its front work”, the LWSC Boss stressed, though according to him, there are some financial difficulties.

Director Tulay noted that LWSC hopes to reinstall the Pipeline from White Plains to Palm Spring, with construction work estimated at nearly US$48 to 54 Million, something he said might take up to three years.

A short term measure, he said has been put in place, estimated at Six Million, which will take about eight months before completion while a long term measure for water supply is geared towards constructing new pipelines as a result of high demand of water in Monrovia.

“Instead of curvets this time around, we are thinking about Iron pipes, which will take a longer time”, said Director Tulay.

Accordingly, the air vive installed along the pipeline is not functioning properly, thus making it difficult for air to be released for easy water passage.

The LWSC also cited the failure of its generator to supply sufficient energy as another reason for limited water supply across Monrovia.

“The generator supplying energy has been running for three years and is not in good condition, thus we have negotiated with the Liberia Electricity Corporation and they are now supplying us energy”, Director Tulay asserted.

Only five of the treatment units for filtration out of eight are said to be in good condition while the remaining three are not useful with the management planning to install additional four filters by the end of December.

This will accordingly increase water supply to at least 8 Million far above the amount of water currently being supplied.

He named Buchanan, Kakata and Zwedru as three cities targeted by the LWSC, each of which has a reservoir capacity of up to 100% gallons.

This according to him is the entity’s own way of easing the burden faced in water supply across the country and other parts of Liberia.

Director Tulay however disclosed that the LWSC has constructed some latrine facilities aimed at improving hygiene and water safety in some communities.