Liberia: Charity NGO Caught With Fraudulent Tax Clearance


Monrovia – The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) has uncovered the production of a fraudulent Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) in the possession of a charity NGO called BESTWA Inc. 

An investigation by the LRA Professional Ethics Division shows that BESTWA Inc. operates in Grand Bassa County, where it provides medical aid to the needy.

The forged tax clearance was discovered among the Ngo application to the LRA Commissioner General Elfrieda Stewart Tamba, seeking duty free privilege to import medical supplies. 

An original tax clearance certificate of the Ngo issued on October 4, 2016 by the LRA and valid for a 90-day period was fraudulently altered by the broker of BESTWA Inc., McPherson T. Siaway.

McPherson dubiously altered the original certificate and created a new tax clearance certificate dated 4th October 2017 with a 120-day validity period.

The LRA, through the Ministry of Justice, will institute legal action against BESTWA Inc. and its broker, for criminally producing and presenting a fake tax clearance certificate for the purpose of obtaining duty free privilege.

The charity action is in violation of the Liberia Revenue Code and also Section 3.4(B) of the Tax Clearance Certificate Administration Regulations, which requires business entities to pay a fine of US$1,000.

The LRA, meanwhile, calls on the public to help stand up against this threat to economic development of mama Liberia by desisting from such acts, and reporting all acts that undermine the collection of legitimate and lawful revenues.

The LRA is also warning that those criminals involved in duping the system at the detriment of honest taxpayers and the State will not escape with impunity once caught.

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