Jewel Taylor Calls For Palm Grove Cemetery Demolition Probe


Monrovia – Senator Jewel Howard Taylor of Bong Country has written Plenary of the Senate requesting the body to put halt to the ongoing demolition of the Palm Grove Cemetery in central Monrovia.

Report by Henry Karmo – [email protected]

The famous and historic commentary is being demolished by a special Presidential Task Force headed by acting director of the General Service Agency.

But Senator Taylor in a communication said, the Palm Grove Cemetery was established by law for the permanent hosting and the final resting place for people she described as most “distinguished citizens, respected patriot and ordinary citizens”.

“As we speak, the National Cemetery is being demolished without considering the psychological and social impact on families and the State”

“It is my understanding that the fenced wall, paid for as grant by the World Bank, has been demolished by the Presidential Task Force,” Senator Taylor said.

“It will interest you to know that some of our most prominent citizen and national leaders; to include President Joseph Jenkins Roberts, President Arthur Barclay, President William T. Tolbert and Hillary Teage, amongstthose buried at the Palm Grove Cemetery.”

The Bong County Senator believes the culture and tradition of Liberia bear witness to the fact that burial sites across the nation remain in spite of community needs, growth and development.

 “This train of thought to remove our love ones from their final resting places should not be accepted, but instead designated burial places should remain as such, which shows our collective National respect for the dead,” she said.

Taylor cautioned that attempt by Government officials to sit idly while the sacredness of burial is being destroyed, is an injustice to the people.

“As disquieting and potentially explosive as his matter is, I cannot recall it. “

“This August Body has been referenced accordingly, and further more am sure that communities of families of love ones whose remains are buried at the cemetery are apparently as uninformed and appalled upon learning that there is a plan to remove the dead from their final resting places,” she said.

The Bong lawmaker cautioned the emotion of her colleagues that the cemetery is not a national facility, but one that draws the emotional interest of host of people from across the length and breadth of all of 15 political subdivisions.

“To this effect, the Liberian Senate, and by extension, the Legislature, cognizant of its duty of representation as constituent actors of the people must seize the moment to make the necessary inquiry and bring this matter to a logical conclusion,” the Bong County Senator suggested.

“Distinguished colleagues, it is in this regard that I wish to bring this to your attention and request plenary to invite the head of the special Presidential Task Force, to provide detail reasons for the planned destruction and removal of remains at the National Cemetery.”

The high concrete walls surrounding the Palm Grove Cemetery in Central Monrovia were crushed by Mary Broh – head of a special Presidential Task Force designated to clean-up  Monrovia.

“The fence will be rough iron fence. It will be no longer a concrete fence you can’t see through and it will be managed by MCC,” Broh said.

“When you’re coming, you’ll pay; but that is an option – it doesn’t mean that it should happen because Mary Broh says so. This place has been desecrated for years; that’s why we are in it.”

According to Madam Broh, the move will pave way for the construction of a modern cemetery where the dead would be given the honor they deserve.

Broh told reporters during the demolition that the fence would be replaced with rough iron gates, and that the cemetery would be restructured.

Palm Grove Cemetery has been a hideout for criminals and drug addicts in Central Monrovia.

Graves and tombs are often been broken into by criminals who take away valuables buried with the dead. Human remains are also targeted to serve odd purposes, including being used as pipe to take in drugs.