Indian Operated School Commits to Quality Education in Liberia


Monrovia – Beena Gopinadh, Principal of the Aware International School on the GSA Road, Paynesville has assured parents of the institution’s commitment to providing quality education but called on parents to support their children education for a better future.

Report by Kennedy L. Yangian, [email protected]

Addressing parents on April 22 during the school’s fifth anniversary, Madam Gopinadh stressed that children are like birds, they learn by exploring therefore parents have to encourage them to fly high and achieve their dreams.

“It is not what we do for our children, it is what we teach them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings” she said.

The school has escalated to new horizons of success in this humdrum of life in providing quality education to the students, Gopinadth said.

She also stated that parents usually dream that their children become doctors, engineers or management but at AIS they strive to find new ways of energizing their minds to unravel and discover values of honesty, integrity and open mindedness to make them icons of tomorrow.

“The children are our future, they are our tomorrow, we never know one day they may become Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs etc,” the principal said.

She said 2017-2018 academic year has been a roller coaster ride in a time full of opportunities, learning and time well spent, AIS threaded many paths and the school policy of personal attention to the students, adding that constant follow up of students’ progress has made the school stand out.

Madam Gopinadh said a major landmark achievement this year was moving to a new building and the school is looking forward to renovating some of its structures in few months.

She said the unprecedented progress at the school has been possible only because of a committed faculty, supportive administrative staff, a large pool of resources, responsible students and the cooperation of parents.

House Speaker Bhofal Chambers, who served as guest speaker for the Indian-operated school, lauded the administration for providing quality education.

He assured the school authority that the CDC-led Government headed by President George Weah is committed to providing quality education for its citizens.

“I want to say to you that the CDC Government headed by President Weah is committed to providing quality education for all its citizens,” said Chambers.

During the program Speaker Chambers provided a one-year scholarship to a female student who topped her class.