“Helping Hands”- Nigeria Promises More Support To Liberian Army


Monrovia – The Minister of National Defense of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Gen. Mansur Mohammed Dan-Ali has praised the Government of Liberia for what he considers as the significant efforts by the government in restructuring the country army and healing the wounds of the civil war within a short period of time.

Report by J.H. Webster Clayeh – [email protected]

Speaking during a one day visit to the Ministry of National Defense over the weekend, Gen. Dan-Ali recorded that during the Armed Forces of Liberia visit to Nigeria early this year they presented some request to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

He said their government has approved the continuation of training of the Armed Forces commander and Staff College for both junior and senior courses.

He added: “similarly the resumption of face two of the training program for your pilot at the International Aviation College has also been granted”, he said.

“Additionally, the government of Nigeria has approved to offer commissioner training at the Nigeria Defense Academy with both regular and direct service courses.

I also wish to assure you of our commitment of sharing knowledge and the equipment from our Defense industry cooperation when the need arises”, Gen. Dan-Ali further promised.      

Other training slots that were requested by the Government of Liberia from the Defense Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria including in the areas of supply and transport, the Nigerian army school of engineers and mechanical engineering; and also the Nigerian army schools of infantry, he said are currently receiving attention.

“You will receive our response in due course”, he said.

He added that their government has notice the security implication as the result of the recent drawdown of UNMIL couple with the upcoming general and Presidential election.

“I want to assure you that his Excellency President of Nigeria and the Commander-In- Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in person of Muhammadu Buhari is committed to ensuring peace and stability  in the whole West Africa Sub region” he assured.

Gen. Dan Ali also said :“The need for further cooperation between the two countries and the other countries in the South Region cannot be over emphasized especially in the wake of the increase terrorists’ activities in the Sub Region. We are committed to the training and the development of the new Armed Forces of Liberia under bilateral security agreement in line with the security sector reform”, he said.

For his part the Minister of the National Defense, Browne J. Samukai thanked the Nigerian delegation for his visit to Abuja, Nigeria.

Minister Samukai added that the ECOWAS training team that had been in Liberia has been very professional in representing Nigeria.

“Your effort in mentoring the Armed Forces of Liberia has helped in shaping the effort at the headquarter level at the brigade, at operation and tactical level to where the Armed Forces of Liberia is today. I want to say thanks to you for these very fine officers that you sent us”, he said.

He added: “the replacements have come, I have met them and we are very pleased of the continuation of that relationship”

He also assured the Nigerian delegation that Liberia will stand by them in the fight against terrorism, particularly, in the fight against Boko Haram.

“It is our hope and desire that Nigeria will get rid of the menace once and for all and Liberia assures you of the fullest support and cooperation in that regard”, he concluded.