Healthpage Liberia Reviews 2017; Supporter, Donors and Staffs


Monrovia – Healthpage Liberia, Incorporated, a non-governmental organization catering for underprivileged, sick Liberian kids, is doing a retrospection of 2017 and how its kids’ Special Needs Residence home have fare so far.

It also wishes to look back and thank its many friends and donors, philanthropists, including the Rotary Club of Monrovia, for standing with Healthpage Liberia, Inc.

Looking back, Ms. Charlesetta N. Williams, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Healthpage Liberia, is full of praise of those who stood with her in 2017 in trying to care for these sick Liberian kids, whose parents and guidance are not financially potent enough to take care of their children, most of whom were born with those conditions.

Most of the kids at Healthpage’s Special Needs Residence at SD Cooper Junction in Paynesville City, are permanent disabled kids suffering from Autism, Downsyndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Microcephaly/Hydrocephaly and Spinal problems, including Spinal Bivida.

Nearly all of them can’t walk and are non-verbal. 

Ms. Williams expressed her gratefulness to the President of Liberia, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, for the peace and stability, which has enabled her and Healthpage to cater to the needs of these children.

She extended thanks to the Director and staff of the Passports and Visas Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for always being there to help the kids and escorts get their traveling documents in time.

She also extended her profound gratitude to the Acting Director of the Vital Statistics at the Ministry of Health, Ms. Mary Tanyonoh Broh, for “always issuing birth certificates to the children in split seconds without the fees being paid.”

Ms. Williams also thanked the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MOGC&SP) and Ministry of Health.

Others she is grateful to include the Rotary Club of Monrovia, which is always ready to step in whenever the need arises, especially for the rehabilitation of Special Needs Residence, which now hosts at least 16 kids. The Rotary was also instrumental in planting the billboard for the home.

She also used the occasion to thank the World Health Organization (WHO) for providing funding to Healthpage’s Parents Network of Special Need Kids.

For medical care, including surgeries and other services, Ms. Williams says she is very grateful to Mr. Steve Diamond, who introduced her to Mrs. Arlene Rhodenbeck, Executive Director, Healing The Children, FL-GA, Mrs. Debi McDonald, Executive Director, Healing The Children, KY. Also to the Shriners Hospitals for Children, Boston, MA.

She thanked Dignity Liberia and Christian Aid Ministries (CAM) for their invaluable support.

“My relationship with them, especially Steve and Arlene, spans over 10 years. They and others are amazing people to be around,” the Healthpage Liberia CEO said.

Ms. Williams also thanked Rev. Emile Sampeal, Lott Carey Mission; Rev. Tehpaumbau Sayeh, Georgia Patten, Memorial UMC; Mr. Kenneth Y. Best, MD, Daily Observer newspaper; Sister Mary Laurene Browne, Mrs. Christine Brooks-Jarrett Mrs. Comfort Mulbah-Kamara, Mrs. Brenda Brewer-Moore, Mrs. Doris M. Saydee, Mr. Kolubah B. Akoi, Mrs. Veronica S. Walker, Mrs. Christine Tolbert Norman and WIFEE Savings Club for all their moral and financial supports.

The Healthpage CEO also thanked the Ecumenical Women Organization of Liberia, Serious Men/Women Fellowship International, Monrovia District Women Missionary Society, Royal Ambassadors, Nobel Professional Ladies, March Association and Effort Baptist Church for also providing some form of support in 2017.

Ms. Williams also expressed her gratitude to Mr. Dan T. Armeni, Rev. June Clifford, Mr. and Mrs. Amy Beyer, Mr. and Mrs. Cecelia Raker, Mrs. Betty Smith, Mr. Trokon Sarnoe (Edward Heart), Mrs. Kezang Deki, Mrs. Sylvia Mitchell-Ankrah, and Beautiful Gate, all of whom are based in the U.S. but have never forgotten to always extend their hands of blessing back in Liberia.

Ms. Williams was full of praise for the Jim Holder Memorial Marine Club, headed by Ms. Helen Eid-Hariz.

The items donated to Healthpage were so many so she had to also take some to the Sisters of Charity Home to donate, too. Also the Club invited Healthpage to their Christmas party. Following the party, the Club members presented a very handsome amount to the Healthpage home for Special Need kids.

She also thanked all her staff, including Mrs. Lena Thomas-Marshall, Healthpage European Coordinator, Michael Addai and Dr. Clarice Ford-Kulah, USA Coordinator, for the tremendous work in 2017.

As Healthpage Liberia enters its 11th year of airlifting sick kids abroad for treatment and its first year of the residence and the needs being so crucial, Ms. Williams wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2018. She wants to remind everyone that the home needs transportation, a mini bus, and salaries for the staff.