Government Urged To Tackle Issues Affecting Women


MonroviaAs Liberia joined the rest of the world on Thursday, March 8 to observe International Women’s Day, Noble Peace Laurent Leymah Gbowee called on the Government of Liberia to look at issues facing the women of the country.

The Noble Laureate, who served as keynote speaker at this year’s International Women’s Day celebration, said women in Liberia have been marginalized over the years by their male counterparts, something she said has been responsible for their slow progress in society. 

The day was celebrated in Liberia at the Samuel K. Doe Sport Complex under the theme: ‘Act now: Support the Liberian Women Agenda’. Liberia’s First Lady Clar Weah attended the event. 

Madam Gbowee, speaking further, also challenged rural women in Liberia to stand up and speak against injustice facing them.

She urged women in Liberia to involve themselves in things that will improve their lives. 

“Madam First Lady, please tell your husband the President of this country, that for him and his government to succeed, they must take the Liberian women agenda very serious. Women right is political and human right so, it is important for us to look at it and work on them. 

“It is time for us to look at everything women are involve with if we are to succeed as a government and people. It is time for us to work shoulder to shoulder regardless of the sex for us to see the success of Liberia women”, Madam Gbowee noted. 

Madam Gbowee, at the same time, challenged the women of Liberia to prepare themselves if they want to challenge men in the job market. 

“To our women, it is not only about are oh say, we need to prepare ourselves; it is time for us to acquire the requisite education.”

“As women we need to work together if we are to succeed,” she stated.

 For her part, Gender, Children & Social Protection Minister Williametta Piso Saydee Tarr assured that the government’s commitment to reducing the gap between women and men in the country. 

“Our President George Weah at the onset of this administration vowed to run a pro-poor agenda which among other things but most importantly will lay emphasis on women empowerment and advancement. So, on behalf of the government of Liberia headed by President Weah I reaffirm the government of Liberia support to the women agenda”, Tarr said. 

The Minister said the celebration of International Women’s Day is very significant because it highlights the importance and achievements of women in the society.

“This day is set aside to recognize the achievement of women with no regard to division”, she noted. 

Also speaking, the First Lady vowed to work in her role for the improvement of women especially girls in Liberia. 

“To the women of Liberia, I want to assure you that your quest is a priority for me. I will not rest until your goal is met,” she said. 

International Women’s Day is an annual event held every March 8 to celebrate women’s achievement, identify the rights and power of women and give them the status they deserve across the world. The day also seeks to honor the voices that go unheard. 

At the end of the program several in Liberia, several women were honored for their contribution towards the promotion and advancement of women in the country. 

Report by Jackson F. [email protected]/0770195412/0888132331

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