Filipino Family of 11 Hold Top Positions At Tubman University


Monrovia – While Government of Liberia has struggled for over the last 11 years to provide the needed jobs to qualified Liberians, the government is providing employment opportunities to foreigners including people from as far as the Philippines.

Report by Lennart Dodoo, [email protected] and Samwar Fallah, [email protected]

“When local, or national Liberians, or foreign nationals meet our requirements for jobs and are willing to accept the challenge of leaving urban life for rural, they are hired. They may bring family members who may be qualified to fill positions, who apply and are accepted.

Our faculty is willing to endure the harshness of rural life including minimal health care in southeast Liberia, but especially who desire to contribute to Liberia’s rebuilding at a place called Tubman University, we are grateful” – Rev. Rita Townsend, Vice President for Institutional Advancement & Associate Professor

A FrontPageAfrica investigation has established that 11 members of a Filipino family are all currently working for the Government of Liberia at the William V.S. Tubman University located in Harper, Maryland County.

The 11 Filipinos are performing jobs in areas such Vice President for Academic Affairs, Chairman of Computer Science, Coordinator for Colleges, amongst others top jobs with lucrative salaries, housing and other associated benefits.

Dr. Elizabeth Q. Enanoria Carbojosa is serving as Vice President Affairs, while her husband Benito Carbojosa is also working at the University.  

Myth Enanoria Carbojosa, a daughter to the couple is also serving as Coordinator for the College of Education while Mario Nino Carbajosa, brother-in-law is Chairman, College of Engineer.

Mae Enanoria Gonzales, daughter to the Carbajosa family is also working at the University while her husband Chris Gonzales is another employee of the Tubman University.

Another member of the family,  Allan Bartolome  is serving as Chairman, Computer, Maria Fe Rebecca D. Gueta, Acting Dean College of Art and Science and Chairman, Aileen Q. Perez, Romeo Q. Enanoria, Director Wood Science Technology/ Brother and Dr. Jerry Bu- Au are all other members of the Carbojosa family all working with the University. 

The Tubman University has not been able to provide records of the entire recruitment process that led to the recruitment of 11 foreigners when qualified Liberians are in search of jobs. 

Under the Decent Work Act of 2015, the successor to the Labour Law of Liberia, it provided that foreigners shall only be employed in Liberia been granted work permit by the Ministry of Labour.

The Law also provides that the Labour Ministry shall not provide permit to foreigner to work in Liberia unless it is satisfied that there is no suitably qualified Liberian available to carry out the work required by the employer.

Specifically Chapter 45 of the Decent Work Act provides “Chapter 45 45 – Foreign Employment § 45.1 Permission to work in Liberia:

An employer shall not employ a foreign worker unless they possess a current work permit issued by the Ministry. 

A foreign worker shall not begin work in Liberia before they obtain a work permit in accordance with this Part.  The Ministry shall not issue a permit to work in Liberia unless it is satisfied that: 

  1. There is no suitably qualified Liberian available to carry out the work required by the employer; and
  2. The applicant satisfies the requirements for foreign residence in Liberia.

The Ministry may refuse to issue a permit to a national of any country that does not accord at least equal reciprocal rights in employment to Liberians.” 

The above provision of the Decent Work Act clearly indicates that the Tubman University is under legal obligations to ensure that there are no qualified Liberians to perform the jobs being performed by the 11 Filipino.

No qualified Liberian, Tubman University says

Responding to a FrontPageAfrica inquiry, Rev. Rita Townsend Vice President for Institutional Advancement & Associate Professor in a letter dated September 7 indicated that the advertisement for the positions currently being occupied by the Filipino was advertised on the University website, the Executive Mansion website inviting applications from qualified Liberians and foreigners.

Stated Rev. Townsend “To your question on filling TU vacant positions, our vacancies are posted worldwide beginning with our website, the Executive Mansion’s website, local newspapers, and on social media. One of our core values at William V. S. Tubman University is a focus that is local, national, and international.”

She added in the letter “We look locally, nationally, and internationally for qualified personnel to fill roles and responsibilities for our job openings.

Approved vacant positions have job descriptions, requirements for academic and experiential work, and require references.

Applicants are screened with due diligence:

  • Credentials
  • Committee-level interviews
  • hiring manager interviews
  • A recommendation and selection if the hiring manager believes there is a fit with the organization having exhausted the screening, and
  • Hiring by the head of the institution after a signed job offer

According to Rev. Townsend, due to the location of the University many Liberians do not prefer taking jobs at the University.

“As you know, there is tremendous difficulty attracting personnel to leave urban areas or places of comfort, to work in rural areas. William V. S. Tubman University’s main campus is in East Harper in rural Liberia.”

“We recently experienced the benefit of a paved road before the campus! Our utilities are improving due to the arrival of electricity through the West African Power Pool, supplemented by our own generators.”

“Our academic standing is second to none. Life on a beautiful campus such as we have, has its ups and downs. On the down side, we are challenged by the lack of decent transportation for our staff and students. Over the years, we have spent thousands investing in buses, utility vehicles, and vehicles for administrators”, the Tubman University officials stated.

She added, “Mr. Dodoo, when local, or national Liberians, or foreign nationals meet our requirements for jobs and are willing to accept the challenge of leaving urban life for rural, they are hired. They may bring family members who may be qualified to fill positions, who apply and are accepted.”

“Our faculty are willing to endure the harshness of rural life including minimal health care in southeast Liberia, but especially who desire to contribute to Liberia’s rebuilding at a place called Tubman. University; we are grateful.”

But her statement contravenes past occurrences at the University where citizens of Maryland County opposed by the appointment of foreigners including that of Madam Erema Mba lady, a Nige as Comptroller.

After serving the position of Comptroller for several years, Madam Mba later left for her country and the position is now occupied by a Liberian who hails from the county.

Rev. Townsend who did not specifically respond to the requirements of a provision of the Decent Work Act its employing foreigners in a position when Liberians are qualified and can perform such jobs blamed the terrain for the employment of such large number of foreigners.

“The harshness of the terrain, salty sea air, lack of spare parts, lack of specialized tools and equipment, and perhaps, although we have good mechanics, their skill sets to work on newer technologically advanced automobiles, hamper their aptitude, thus ruining vehicles, making our garage a grave site for fallen vehicles, and transportation a challenge.”

“Although our buildings were renovated, rebuilt, refurbished, or newly built, they, too, are subject to harsh weather conditions contributing to leaks and faster wear-and-tear as sub-standard parts become obsolete before allowable depreciation schedules mandate.”

“We need additional housing for faculty and students to keep up with our increasing demand to provide quality educational experiences that transform the lives of individuals for worthy service.”, Rev, Townsend declared.

Filipino Represents Liberia abroad

Dr. Carbojosa, according to sources, is very influential at the Tubman University is behind every major decision at the institution.

The Filipino is currently the face of the University as she makes foreign travels representing the University at foreign conferences.

One highly placed source told FrontPageAfrica that recently delegates at conference for African Universities held in Kigali, Rwanda where shocked when Dr. Carbojosa represented Liberia.

According to the source, heads of Universities from other African countries started murmuring in disgust when they saw a Filipino representing an African country with some questioning that even with the number of Liberians studying abroad no Liberia is qualified to represent their country.

Upon her return from Kigali Dr. Carbojosa again travelled to Accra, Ghana on another official duty representing the Tubman University.

An authoritative source has hinted that Dr. Carbojosa is so powerful in Harper that she has purchased a land with cornerstone inscription her name against the law of Liberia which profits foreigners owing land.

Chapter 2 of Title 29 of the Property Law of Liberia prohibits leasing property to foreigners for more than 21 years.

The law prohibits leasing for more than 21 years to avoid a foreigner from claiming the land on the legal theory of Adverse Possession.

Section 20 Leases to Foreigners states  “A Liberian citizen shall not lease real estate to any foreign person or foreign concern for a term longer than twenty-one years; provided, however, that the provisions of this section shall not prevent a citizen from granting to a foreigner or foreign concern a lease of real estate for two optional periods of twenty-one years each in addition to the twenty-one year period of a term certain, but for each additional term there shall be an increase of the rentals fixed for the term certain of not less than ten per cent.

A lease agreement between a citizen and a foreigner contrary to the provisions of this section shall be voidable, and the lessee shall lose all benefits of such agreement and the lessor shall forfeit to the Government his rights and title to such real estate”.

It remains unclear how Dr. Carbojosa bought the land and processed the documents followed by erecting a cornerstone in violation of the law of Liberia.

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