FDA Managing Director Raps on Effects of Climate Change


Monrovia – The Managing Director of the Forestry Development Authority says it is evident that climate change affects our livelihoods, incomes and the environment.

FDA Boss Mr. Darlington S. Tuagben made the declaration at the opening of a five-day training workshop in Monrovia. 

In his opening address, Mr. Tuagben said from research, it is estimated that 17.4 per cent of global greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions are derived from forest degradation. 

The forests are also affected by climate change, but at the same time, the FDA Boss pointed out, that, they play a key role in the adaptation to and mitigation of adverse effects of climate change.

The forest ecosystem Mr. Tuagben noted, provide goods and services and the key assets for reducing vulnerability to the effects of climate change mitigation. 

“Forests according to him, also have considerable potential to sequester carbon that can be achieved through affordable through afforestation, reforestation, forest restoration and changes to forest management practices”, he stated. 

“The contribution to climate change has been recognized as a cornerstone of the post 2012 climate change agenda with the decision on the reduction of emission from deforestation and forest degradation, commonly known as REDD+ includes,” Mr. Tuagben added. 

 He stated that policy approaches and positive incentives on issues relating to reducing emission from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries including Liberia and recognizing the contribution of conservation, sustainable management of forests, and enhancing of forest carbon stocks in achieving REDD+ objectives. 

The Executive Secretary of African Forest Form (AFF) assures participants that the AFF share some core values that are related to trees, forests and the way they can be used wisely to support our lives and environment we live. 

Dr. Godwin Kowero said, the AFF has embarked on a number of pan-African initiatives that are related to forests, trees; he noted, the key one on hand is the way climate change is affecting the resources and how we could use these resources wisely to share ourselves from the adverse effects of climate change. 

He said they are following the global debates and negotiations on climate change through various fora including the African Ministerial Conference on Environment and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change; he further pointed out that AFF is accredited to its sessions. 

The AFF Executive Secretary said he believes by the end of the workshop, the delegates will have a better understanding and capacity to do at least four things, namely: Undertake carbon assessments in the field, reporting on them, and in other cade verifying such assessments. 

Develop the basic document for forest carbon projects. Understand the principles, concepts and practices in forest carbon financing. Understand the policy and other regulatory frameworks in Carbon market trade among others. 

Report by Richie Garley Grear, Media and Public Affairs, FDA