Dreadful Armed Robbers Kill Fulani in Monrovia According to Police


Monrovia – A Fulani, Abdullah Jalloh, has been shot and killed in an armed robbery incident in CEMEMCO Community on the Bushrod Island.

Report by Kennedy L. Yangian [email protected]

At two persons have been arrested in connection with the murder and the armed robbery, while four are on the run, the Liberia National Police has disclosed.

The two arrested were Tuesday taken to the Monrovia City Court and were subsequently ordered to be detained at the Monrovia Central Prison pending prosecution on charges of criminal conspiracy, armed robbery and murder.

Criminal conspiracy, armed robbery and murder is in violation of Chapter 10, Section 10.4, Chapter 15, Section 14.1 of the New Penal Law of the Republic of Liberia while the four other suspects reported to be at large have also been charged  with the same crimes in absentia.

 The Police charge sheet stated that, the alleged armed robbers with criminal intent to rob someone had first gone to the Clara Town Community on the same Bushrod Island in the night hours of June 20, 2017 but were unsuccessful.

 Later, the Police stated that the alleged armed robbers decided to proceed to the CEMENCO Community in search of a place to rob.

The Police say that while in the CEMENCO Community the alleged armed robbers encountered the brother of the victim identified as Morris Kaba whom they tried to rob of his iphone.

 According to the Police while trying to take away Kaba’s iphone, he cried out for help, when the victim Abdullah Jalloh heard him, he rushed out to assist him.

One of the armed robbers, identified as David Toe alias Barwezee pulled out a single barrel pistol, shot and killed him the victim and escaped the scene.

“Investigation established that after the victim was shot they all escaped the scene and later converged at the same ghetto they made their plan, sold the phone and share the proceeds” said the Police charge sheet.

 The Liberian Police also stated that after armed robbers had shared the amount they got from the sale of the phone they later separated and went in different directions. After  a search, defendant Samuel Poka was arrested at the King Zulu Bridge while the other defendant David Toe was arrested in Sinkor on  24th street, beach side.

According to the Police during investigation with the two defendants they both shifted claim and counter claims as to the roles played in the alleged armed robbery but both defendants told the investigation board that when they met at the ghetto where they planned the armed robbery one of their accomplices identified as Zologbay was the one that brought the single barrel gun that was used to shoot and kill the victim (Abdullah Jalloh).

“The remaining four suspects namely Isaac Saydee, Moo Zologbay, Saah Joseph and John Cent are still at large and are being sought for by the Police to answer to the commission of the crimes” said the Police investigation.