Dr. Tipoteh and Saah Joseph Get Humanitarian Awards


Monrovia – Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh and Hon. Saah Joseph received Humanitarian Awards from the Victorious Faith Ministry at its National Headquarters, located at Battery Factory, Gardnersville, near Monrovia.

Addressing the very large audience, seated indoors and outdoors of the main hall, Bishop Andrew Gombay of the Victorious Faith Ministry said that Dr. Tipoteh and Hon. Saah Joseph were being honored mainly because of their respective self-less services to the people of Liberia.

On Dr. Tipoteh, Bishop Gombay told the members and guests at the Honoring Program that he continues to be of service to the people over more than forty years, especially through his Poverty Alleviating NGO, Susukuu, which is now operating in its forty-fifth year.

Bishop Gombay also talked about the anti-ebola work of Dr. Tipoteh through the Servants of Africa Fighting Ebola (SAFE).

Speaking about Hon. Saah Joseph, a Member of the House of Representatives of the National Legislature, Bishop Gombay said that the people of Liberia will forever remember in gratitude the work of Hon. Saah Joseph in keeping Liberia safe from ebola.

The Bishop told the audience about how Hon. Saah Joseph spent sleepless nights ensuring that his ambulances got to victims of ebola to take them to treatment units to prevent them from dying. Sometimes, Bishop Gombay said that Hon. Saah Joseph did the driving himself when a driver was not available to drive any of the ambulances, placing himself under life-threatening danger.

Not forgetting the third Honoree, in the person of Judge James Jones of the Debt Court. Bishop Gombay informed the audience that the people should be grateful to Judge Jones for his work beyond the call of duty to his community.

The Bishop said that the people should be indebted to the Debt Court Judge for the great service that he continues to provide to his community in ways that give the people hope for a better tomorrow. He spoke of how the Judge is very committed to serving the community to the point that he wins the hearts of the people in the Court of Public Opinion.

In thanking the Victorious Faith Ministry for honoring him, Judge Jones called upon the Church and others in the community to not get tired of calling upon him at any time of day and night to be of service to the community.

Representing Hon. Saah Joseph, Mr. Francis Boka, Chairman of the Battery Factory Community, thanked the Church for honoring Hon. Saah Joseph.

He said that although the Program was not a fund-raising one, Hon. Saah Joseph will help the Church financially in expanding its Health Center, which was very helpful during the ebola outbreak.

For his part, Dr. Tipoteh placed the services of his NGO, Susukuu, at the disposal of the Victorious Faith Ministry, especially in the implementation of its education and health projects.

Dr. Tipoteh spoke of how he became so impressed with the wisdom in the publications of Bishop Gombay in the newspapers and in books to the point that he called the Bishop and arranged meetings between the two of them.  

Part of Dr. Tipoteh’s gratitude was expressed in songs that thrilled the audience. He sang a special song for Hon. Saah Joseph to say thank you to him, using the Kissi word “achabor”, meaning “you have done well”, as Hon. Saah Joseph is Kissi speaking.

During the entertainment part of the Program, children and youth of the the Church and its schools presented dramas, sang songs and performed dances that brought cheers throughout the performances.

Bishop Gombay displayed his many talents in the entertainment through his singing and keyboard playing, with his Wife organizing to make sure that the entertainment remained entertaining for the audience.

Accompanying Dr. Tipoteh to the Program were Mrs. Elitha Manning, Founding President-General of the Labor Congress of Liberia and President of the National Informal Sector Union of Women and Youth and Mr. Kanty Roberts, his brother, former Liberian Diplomat at the United Nations Mission in New York, United States of America and recently Financial Manager on Wall Street, the Global Financial Center also in New York.