Disgrace To Capitol Building: Lawmakers Receive Donation To Replace Torn Flags


Monrovia – All lawmakers at the Capitol Building are generally representing a county in Liberia, and each of those counties being represented has different districts that produce one lawmaker each to represent the constituents of those districts.

Report by Edwin G. Genoway, Jr- [email protected]

All of the 15 counties have two Senators each, making the total of 30 Senators.

There are seventy three representatives representing the fifteen counties of Liberia, and those counties are symbolically represented by a flag on the compound of the capitol. It is the responsibility of lawmakers to replace their counties’ flag when it is torn.

But the current lawmakers seem to be too busy with the passage of the budget and the ongoing power struggle amongst themselves to remove Speaker Tyler, thus forgetting that their various counties flags need to be changed because all of the flags have worn away with its colors fading and torn up, something that does not represent the office of the lawmakers that are making over US$10, 000 each on a monthly basis.

After observing the torn flags at the Capitol Building, a representative aspirant of electoral district number 9 in Montserrado County has donated fifteen flags to the House of Representatives.

Fubbi Henries said the donation was prompted by the sight of several torn flags being hoisted on the grounds of the Capitol Building, the seat of the First Branch of the Liberian Government.

Henries said as a Liberian, he felt compelled and needed to help fix some problems in the country, instead of unnecessarily criticizing government and lawmakers without helping to find solution to the many problems Liberia is faced with.

“I have noticed that the flags here are very old and rotten and needed to be changed. As a Liberian who doesn’t want to sit home and just criticize the workings of the lawmakers and the government at large, I thought it wise to come and donate these flags to our honorable lawmakers in order to replace the old ones that are not representable,” he noted.

Fubbi Henries who is Chief Executive Officer of Friends of Fubbi Henries put the cost of the donation at a little over two hundred United States dollars, something that lawmakers can afford.

During the donation of the flags, all of the lawmakers were feigning to be very busy and could not come out to receive the donation but the Chief of Office Staff in the officer of Speaker Alex Tyler, Edwin Clark, who later came out to receive the flags thanked the youthful Liberian for the donation.

He promised to take it to his bosses. “Thank you for this donation and I promise you that I will present it to my boss who happens to be the Speaker of the House of Representatives and he will turn it over to the necessary people or heads responsible for that,” he promised as he collected the items.