Children Earth Angel Foundation Render Services to Orphans in Liberia


Monrovia – The Children Earth Angel Foundation (CEAF), in partnership with a humanitarian American Nurse Practitioner, Janet Reeves has identified with several orphanages in Monrovia and its environs.

Report by Gerald Koinyneh, [email protected]

The services include the offering of free medication and distribution of assorted materials including clothes, flip flops, sneakers, toys, and reading books for kids among others.

CEAF is a Liberian non-profit organization that renders basic humanitarian services to children in deprived communities.

According to the Founder and Executive Director of CEAF, Massa Kromah, her foundation, through an American of Liberia descent, Zhalman Harris, got in contact with Janet Reeves and the pair decided to come to Liberia to gather first hand information to be followed by more humanitarian assistance.

“We were fortunate to get in contact with a nurse practitioner from the US.”

“We contacted her and told what we were doing in Africa and her interest grew and promised to come on a fact-finding mission to Africa and see what help she can give to the kids, especially those ones with special needs,” she said.

Ms. Kromah noted that 66 children were examined and treated at the Anna E. Enoch Orphanage and disclosed plans are being worked out to provide advanced treatment for two kids at the Cenacolo Orphanage in Brewerville: an infant that was born blind and a kid who swallowed caustic soda and damaged her esophagus.

“There will be a need to try and see how we can get the children out of here.”

“The good thing about it is she (Reeves) is already convinced that the children here need help.”

“The care takers at the orphanage cannot do it all by themselves. And at most of the homes, there is no Nurse to monitor the children every time.”

“So, she is going to leave some medication with the care takers at the orphanages and be in contact with them.”

“She will be in constant communication with them in making sure that this is not a one-day thing,” Ms. Kromah averred.

In a chat with FrontPage Africa after a long day’s work recently Reeves noted that her goals on her first trip to Liberia was achieved and look forward to rendering more support to the needy children upon her return to the United States.

She hailed Liberians for their resilience, noting that despite being plagued by diseases and war, they look up to God for strength.

“We partner with CEAF and got a plane ticket and we told our friends that we were coming, and my plan was for every child to have a pair of shoes, set of clothes, a toy, and six-month worth of vitamins.”

“We accomplished that goal.”

“And we will go to the pharmacy tomorrow and buy the medicines. We planned to go back to Florida and tell our friends what we are doing.”

“And see how we can get some things together and come back and help in a broader way.”

Also speaking, Zhalman Harris, a Liberian American, who has been away for 29 years, described his return home as bitter-sweet and pledged to continue the partnership with Reeves and CEAF to the support the orphans.

He described their condition as deplorable and called on the Government of Liberia and other humanitarian citizens and organizations to render support to the kids.

“I see that the health system is broken down.”

“When you don’t have money, you will probably to get sick and die. Looking at these kids, they have common thing like rash but because they don’t have the money to go and buy these rash cream or stuff, they live with it forever.”

“These things take over their bodies. I am hoping that the new government and people here will really step up and do some of the education, some of the health services and make this place a better place for the Liberian children,” intoned.

The Proprietor of the Anna E. Orphanage, Rev. Steven Enoch thanked CEAF and her partners for the humanitarian gesture and promised that the materials donated will be used for the benefit of the children.