Children Earth Angel Foundation Identifies With Orphans


Monrovia – The Children Earth Angel Foundation (CEAF) has embarked on the distribution of assorted materials to orphanages across Monrovia and its environs.

Report by Gerald C. Koinyeneh – [email protected]

The items included copybooks, book bags, clothes and footwear.

Speaking to FrontPage Africa at the start of the distribution exercise in Paynesville on Saturday, December 16, the founder of CEAF, Ms. Massa Kromah, noted that the gesture is her foundation’s way of identifying with less privileged children during the festive season.

She disclosed that the exercise, dubbed “CEAF’s Give Back Christmas Events,” is expected to benefit more than 500 needy children at six orphanages.

She stressed the need to augment the efforts of caregivers, who are supporting these kids in order to ensure that they get a bright future.

“One of the drives behind this is the high poverty rate in Liberia.

Because of this, most parents don’t have the means to cater to the wellbeing of the children and send them to school. These are things that really motivated me to help the kids.

I think there is a need to help the children of Liberia; especially those ones who have lost their parents during the Ebola and are in the orphanages.

The caretakers are doing their best, but we need to put hands around them in order to make sure that the children’s wellbeing is a priority in this country,” she stated. 

Speaking further, Ms. Kromah explained that her foundation seeks to support less fortunate Liberian children with their education, healthcare and their social wellbeing and also render counseling for parents and guardians at orphanages and save homes across the country.

She thanked her staff and sponsors at home and abroad for the support and commitment.

“Some of our friends overseas donated whatever they could to help with this exercise.

I say thanks to all of them that they get my back and want to see the betterment of the Liberian children. We need people, especially volunteers to come on board to see the need to help.

There is a need to help the children of Liberia. They are really in need of our help, and we are going to do more. This is just the beginning. With the help of God, this is not going to be the end,” Mr. Kromah added.

The administrators of Christ Our Hope and the Rock Devine Orphanages, Mother Fatu Bimba and Apostle Fatu K. Smith in separate statements thanked Ms. Kromah and the CEAF family for the gesture. They promised that the materials given the children will be used for the intended purpose.

“This is something great that you have done. Taking your own money and resources to bring these materials for the children makes me happy and motivated to continue the work we are doing here.

It tells us that somebody out there is thinking about the children and the services we are rendering,” said a delighted Mother Fatu Bimba of the Christ Our Hope Orphanage.

Meanwhile, the distribution exercise continues this week at four more orphanages including Ann Enoch Orphanage in Caldwell, Cenacolo Community Home and Diana E. Davis of Brewerville, and Love A Child on Robertsfield Highway.