CARP-Liberia Launches Gbarnga Project With Capacity Building for Students


Gbarnga, Bong County- The Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) students of Bong County Technical College and Cuttington University have started receiving training on how they can explore opportunities to forward their education.

Bong students have, over the years, struggled for education as the Bong County Technical College gets underway for completion.

The CARP is also about building authentic relationships with a community that will support individual personal growth.

CARP strives to help its members solidify their beliefs and broaden their perspectives. Through sincere dialogue and community impact events, local CARP chapter can help develop real relationships with individual peers.

Over the weekend, CARP launched its project title ‘Top Guns’ in Gbarnga, Bong County. The project was launched following a two day training conducted by the organization’s national leadership.

The training, held on the campus of the Cuttington University in Suakoko, Bong County, brought together over 30 university students as well as students from the Bong County Technical College.

 The students were briefed on CARP-Liberia’s activities as well as CARP International activities on the global scene.

Ambassador Fofee B.W. Siryon, President of CARP-Liberia at the launch of the Bong Chapter of the organization, admonished students of the two higher learning institutions in the county to embrace the organization as their own and recruit more students to join them in order to implement the three goals of CARP.

He named the three major goals of CARP as: spiritual renewal, new moral commitment and positive solutions to global injustice.

Amb. Siryon revealed that the work of CARP is voluntary, but there are lots of international educational opportunities for students to advance their studies and build their careers.

According to him, CARP is an international student movement which believes that unification has the power to guide humanity in the search for solutions to the world’s problems, adding that the organization has been involved with training young people around the world to be used as agents of change and foot soldiers of peace in society.

The Young Ambassador for Peace disclosed that Gbarnga, being the central point of the country, they deemed it necessary to launch the project there before reaching other parts of the country. The Bong Chapter, he added, has become the first beneficiary of CARP-Liberia under his leadership as its president.

Amb. Siryon stated that the organization also focuses on character education; helping students to remain focus on their lessons, public speaking and developing leadership skills among others.

He explained that the CARP program began in Korea in 1955, and it was expanded to Japan in 1964, to America in 1973 and it is now an established organization in more than 70 countries, including Liberia.

CARP-Liberia boss pointed out that his organization seeks to generate a new spirit of compassion, involvement and determination in the world’s young people, by revitalizing their relationship with God and career development.

However, he said, amongst CARP campus and community activities are the World Student Service Corps, which annually brings students to nations in need to work on a specific project for the benefit of that nation and for the education of the young people.

He noted for the past four years, CARP has sponsored CARP Convention of World Students, a convention for students from around the world to discuss issues of world peace and to celebrate the unique aspects of each culture through arts, sports, music and dance.

Meanwhile, local leaders were elected to spearhead activities of the Bong County Chapter at Cuttington University (CU) and the Bong County Technical College (BCTC).

Pastor Abraham O. Kollie was elected as president of Cuttington University (CU) chapter, while Mr. David Gayflor was elected as president of Bong County Technical College (BCTC). Both presidents were elected along with their corps of officers to run the activities of the organization in their various institutions and other institutions.
Cuttington CARP president, Abraham Kollie said his election as president is based on what students of the university saw in him together with the innate qualities he possesses.

He said CARP’s goal and aspiration, which has to do with the spirit of God, motivated him to quickly join them and take the message forward.

To build a nation, according to him, one has to give their lives, hence he will do all he can to recruit as many students as possible to form part of the international organization to reach to others.

He disclosed that his target is to recruit about 300 members from Cuttington University alone.

For his part the president of Bong Technical College Chapter, David Gayflor, said he will join with others to recruit over 500 students from the college, adding that CARP’s work will be part of his daily schedule in order to achieve the goal of the organization.


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