Cameroon Celebrates Unity Day – Recounting Liberia’s Friendship


Monrovia – Not only did Liberia and Cameroon establish their Unification Day in the same month, Liberia has been a long time partner with her Central African bother since its independence in 1960, says Cameroon Ambassador to Liberia, Augustine Gamg.

Celebrating the occasion marking Cameroon’s 44th National Unity Day at a well-attended program of government officials and members of the diplomatic corps, Ambassador Gamg said Cameroon’s relationship with Liberia has been steadfast since their independence in 1960 which saw former President William V.S. Tubman in attendance.

 “Not only did President Tubman seize the symbolism of the historic moment, he imprinted Liberia’s indelible stamp on the occasion by being the first to recognize my country’s independence,” Ambassador Gamg asserted.

“This deep faith in the destiny of nascent Cameroon and the ensuing friendship and mutual respect explain why Cameroon also stood firm and unshakeable alongside Liberia during its long, bloody civil war and reopened its embassy in Monrovia as soon as the guns were silenced”.

He urged more bilateral cooperation between the two countries. “We can push forward more initiatives in agriculture, education, technical training, trade and investments, sports, transport and others.”    

Also speaking, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Madam Marjon V. Kamara warmly congratulated the Cameroonians on behalf of President Sirleaf.

Ambassador Kamara noted the cordial relationship between Liberia and Cameroon goes as far back as 1919 when the former German Cameroon was placed under a League of Nations trusteeship, incensing Liberia who advocated for Cameroon’s independence.

“Since then, our relation has remained very cordial and continues to deepen base on our share view on issues of major interest in particular our commitment to preserving African Union and the promoting social economics development and integration through the agenda for 2063”, Madam Kamara.

She said following Liberia’s recognition of Cameroon’s independence in 1960, the country was the first to establish a diplomatic mission at the Ambassadorial level in that same year.

Madam Kamara added that many positives have occurred in the relationship of the two countries over the years, adding that her Cameroonian counterpart highlighted it to her recently at the Climate Change Summit in Paris recently.

 “We commit to continue to nurture these good tides for the achievement of shared goal at the regional and global level.

Mr. Ambassador, sons and daughters of Cameroon as we join you in celebrating yet another milestone, we wish to assure you that we will remain committed to our shared objectives and to enhancing our bilateral relations for the good of the two countries and people. Please accept again my best wishes, congratulation and the best wishes for a prosper Cameroon”, Madam Kamara said.

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