Book Launch: Liberian Author Recollects Liberian War in Eyes of a Child


Monrovia – Young Liberian writer, Kpanna Nndia Gaygay, has recollected memories of being a child growing up during the Liberian civil war in the upcoming book: “Daunting Years: The Liberian Civil War in the Eyes of a Child”.

Report by Lennart Dodoo, [email protected]

The book which will be launched Sunday, August 13, 2017 at Palm Spring Hotel in Monrovia is a story of resilience, survival and hope.

“The book brings to light the struggles of families fighting for survival in the midst of fighting. It highlights the role women, especially mothers took on to protect and keep their families together at all cost,” the author, Kpanna Nndia Gaygay told FrontPageAfrica.

DAUNTING YEARS represents and reflects the stories of tens of thousands of Liberians who lived and died during the war.

Speaking on how she got inspired to author the book, Ms. Gaygay said, “I wanted to tell a story, not just mine but thousands of Liberian children.”

Her book, she says, is not a story of war, rather a story of what happened during the war. It is a book she hopes will catalyze national reconciliation and build a spirit of hope and self-confidence.

“My greatest hope is that one walks away with a message of healing and reconciliation. There has been no national reconciliation effort. Attempts have been made but nothing of significance. This, we want readers to know that healing is not just possible, but achievable. I’ve done it, others have and they too can at least begin the process. Healing is a process,” she said.

Ms. Gaygay hopes that her 133-page novel will bring begin the process of healing and reconciliation for its readers.

Copies of the book will be available on order, personal delivery within Monrovia city and at selected supermarket and hotels.

She extended appreciation to her father Mr. Robert Gaygay, her fiancé Sarh Isaac Andrews, Koyan her late brother and Korpo her sister who all supported her with encouragements while writing the book.