‘Block All Phone Calls’ – Supreme Court Chaplain Prays


Monrovia –  A chaplain at the Supreme Court has prayed that anyone using a phone to call any of the Justices in order to interfere with the opinion of the court on the elections case, those numbers should be blocked.

Report by Bettie K. Johnson Mbayo, [email protected]

Reverend Cisco Brown’s call comes in the wake as the Court is expected today, Thursday, December 7, to give its ruling in the Bill of Exception case filed by Liberty Party and Unity Party, nearly two weeks ago.

Rev. Brown, who is one of the Court’s Chaplains, offering prayer, said, “We have reached the hour for your children to dispense justice; we lift them into Your hands because You said ‘the heart of a king is in Your hands and You can swirl it anywhere you think.’

“We pray as they concentrate, we ban every spirit of text message and phone calls.”

“Those who dare try such may their phones be blocked in the Name of Jesus,” he screamed.

Rev. Brown offered this prayer recently at the opening of the court just before the Bill of Exception arguments. His prayer had everyone present in the court, for the hearing, giggling.

Before he had prayed, he urged the Court’s Justices to read Proverb 29: 4-6.

These passage of Scriptures focuses on the king’s judgment.

Praying further, Rev. Brown lifted into Jesus’ hands, His sons and daughters and added: “We know very well that the entire world, including the African Union, ECOWAS, EU, is listening and watching.”

He also asked God to bestow upon the Justices, the “Wisdom of Solomon” as they dispense justice.

Rev. Brown – “We cancel every anti-peace spirit in this nation. Those hoping evil to befall upon us Father, either, they repent or when they go to bed, let them not rise again.”

At the end of the prayer, Chief Justice Francis Korkpor described it as “powerful,” adding: “Rev, Brown that was a powerful one.”