Bad Roads Stall Voters Roll Exhibition in Sinoe County


Monrovia – The National Elections Commission (NEC) has reported that exhibition of the provisional voters roll in two districts in Sinoe did not commence due to bad roads.

“I am pleased on behalf of my colleagues, to inform you that the process started smoothly, except for Sinoe County. That is the reason we called this meeting, two electoral districts, district number one and two are not accessible,” NEC Chairman Jerome Korkoyah said.

The centers affected in district one are Kabada Administrative Building, Tubman Clinic, Palatroken Palava hut, Wessay Town Palava Hut, Plassiken Palava Hut and Saywon Town, while only two centers out of twenty-five centers were open.

The two are old government camp- Neetah and Sunshine Town Hall.

“Yesterday the whole road was flooded; it was very dangerous for anybody to go there. District one has twenty centers, and of the twenty, six were affected. In other words, we can’t get to six, only fourteen we can get to. District two has twenty five centers and we were able to access two out of those twenty-five centers,” Korkoyah said.

The NEC boss said for transparency the commission will on a regular basis inform political parties and the public about challenges confronting the electoral process.

“For transparency we want to keep you informed; as you all know, we started exhibition today and this will continue until the seventeenth. People seek correction on their name where necessary, people raise concern for investigation, this period will be for inclusion and exclusion,” Korkoyah told reporters during the news conference.

The NEC on June 12, 2017 commenced the exhibition of the provisional voter roll at all exhibition centers across the country.

The exercise is a cardinal electoral activity as per Article 9.2 of voter registration regulations and in keeping with the new elections law of Liberia.

The key exhibition activities include confirmation of applicant’s information, inclusion where the opportunity is given to applicants or registrants to be included on the provisional registration roll if erroneously omitted.