‘Am Troubled’- JFK Whistleblower Fired From Job in America


Monrovia – Daylue Goah who revealed sensitive information on a popular radio talk show about alleged activities at the John F. Kennedy hospital during the period he served the entity as Public Relations Officer has told FrontPageAfrica that he was dismissed hours after the talk show after his boss at a company he now works for in the United States of America received a long phone call from Liberia.

Speaking to FrontPageAfrica Wednesday, Mr. Goah said after the talk show he went home and took a rest for few hours before showing up for work; but was surprised that when he showed up, the atmosphere at the General Printing Company; especially the relationship between him and his boss suddenly changed.

Goah during his early Wednesday morning appearance on the talk show amongst other things spoke about mass undignified burial of dead bodies that are not claimed by family members at the JFK hospital amongst many other alleged practices by the hospital.

He also alleged that the JFK management has a policy where people are detained, kept hostage in the hospital for prolonged periods if they do not have the money to pay for treatment.

‘Sorry, I Have to Let You Go’

Hours after the talk show Goah said when he arrived at work, his boss with whom he had enjoyed excellent relationship was on the telephone for a long period and afterwards walked to him and said, “I am sorry; I have to let you go”. Mr. Goah told FPA via telephone from the United States that he is terrified by the unexpected decision of his boss who is a Liberian.

According to him his boss, Mr. Peter Plygeah might be working on the demands of some higher ups from Liberia who want to see him suffer in the United States and now says he is also concerned about the safety of his family back in Liberia.

‘Things Horrible’ at JFK

“Things are horrible at the JFK and we have to speak out, somebody needs to talk for things to change so for them to come after me only for speaking out is something terrifying”, he told FPA. He says he is sensing that people want to silence him from speaking out on issues he knows are factual about the JFK

“Everything I said on the talk show are factual, there are witnesses that can speak to these things. I have evidence and if we do not speak people will keep dying”, said Goah. Mr. Goah continued: “I know God will see me through but the truth must be said”.

Ex-Patient Bolsters Goah’s Claims

Mr. John Stewart, a former Commissioner at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, in a Facebook posting Wednesday also lamented similar treatment he says he received from the JFK.

“I received similar treatment recently when I was admitted at the JFK. I had to pay an amount of US$40 before admission. The next morning I was presented with another bill amounting to about US$20 which they said was for drugs and laboratory tests”, Mr. Stewart averred.

Mr. Stewart explained that his wife had left him with only fifteen dollars mainly to purchase scratch cards if I needed to. But after completing an intravenous dose of medicine and the drip bag removed, for some strange reasons the needle was still in his hand; although the opening had been capped.

“I figured this was so because in case I needed to receive another intravenous dose. But as dawn rolled into daylight which was by then 7am the needle was still in the blood vessel of my left hand but securely capped and fastened to the skin by a plaster. And so out of concern I asked the attending nurse to remove it but refused saying that she would do so when it was time for me to leave”, the source narrated.

The source added: “And I must confess that I kept vigil through the night for fear that I could disappear and be found dead later as was the case of Ballah Scott, a long serving JFK employee who was admitted but disappeared and was found dead later.

And now with the revelation by journalist Dele Goah about Mariama Zayzay, a mentally challenged woman who cannot be accounted for is disturbing to say the least”. The JFK has come under sharp criticisms in the past for allegedly not taking proper care of patients.

Representative Saah Joseph of Montserrado recently described the JFK as death trap where more people died than those that survive from sickness when they are admitted there.

Also less than a week ago, some former employees of the JFK were indicted by the Government of Liberia for economic sabotage, and other criminal offences.