Rep. Prince K. Moye (right) has played a major role in Dr. Tokpa’s rise to prominence since the CU President declared his intention to contest last year

Gbarnga, Bong County - Dr. Henrique Flomo Tokpa, President of Cuttington University and Senatorial aspirant is hopefully the next Senator of Bong County, if the results of an opinion polls conducted by the county’s two community radio stations –Super Bongese and Radio Gbarnga – are used as a yardstick to measure pattern of votes ahead of the October 2014 polls.

These results were gleaned by former Radio Gbarnga’s station manager, Isaac Redd now Director of Public Affairs at the House of Representatives, Hassan Kiawu, a former newscaster at the Liberia Broadcasting System and Smith Toby formerly of Truth FM from opinions of people via the two radio stations.

The views of the people on who becomes the next Senator of Bong County in October showed that the people’s reasoning and suggestions are devoid of tribal sentiment, but purely on the credibility of the person, irrespective of ethnic background.

From the opinions, it is believed that the people of Bong County need people oriented Senator, with clear visions of what he or she is coming to do at the Capitol Building as shown in his or her existing legacies.


Prince George, a resident of Far-East Community called and said, “If I vote against Dr. Tokpa, there will be a generation curse upon my family.”

Let me ask you one question, somebody who shows you or teaches you how to fish and somebody who gives you fish to eat, who will you appreciate more between the two? Of course, you have to appreciate the two of them, but the one who taught you how to fish gave you lasting solution to hunger.

What I am saying is that somebody like me and many others that I know can never vote against a man who has forever put food on our tables. Geopolitics cannot influence our decisions. We are direct beneficiaries of job opportunities from Dr. Tokpa; God cannot come from heaven to give us job, but he uses somebody on earth to bless his children.

We need people oriented Senator — Mark Thompson, a resident of Totota, Bong County.

My younger brother is a beneficiary of Dr. Tokpa’s scholarship scheme. With this help alone, I am ready to use my last energy to mobilize students for him. Dr. Tokpa is the only aspirant that I have seen so far. This time, we need people oriented Senator who shares with people in period of adversity and of happiness.

I have seen this quality in Dr. Tokpa and this has made me to start praying for him right from the first day I saw his poster. With God on our side, he will win the Senatorial election.

Dr. Tokpa has good developmental Plans for the people — Joshua Gorlormator, resident of Suakoko district.

Dr. Tokpais a rightful aspirant for any position, either by elective or appointment. According to the testimonies of his good deeds, he has good plans for the youths, for the elders, and for the women forks.

I advise that every meaningful Bongese (people of Bong County) should please give him the support that he needs at any time. I am not saying this because I hail from Suakoko district, but because he is capable to pilot any position in the country either as Senator or President.

My prayer for him is that God should give him more wisdom to continue to do the right things. God should open more ways for him to continue to help and liberate people from suffering as he is known for. He is a man to reckon with at any time.

We are strongly behind Dr. Tokpa who constantly helps us to pay our children’s school fees — Mrs. Cecilia Diggs

“As market women, we are seriously sensitizing ourselves to making sure that our votes are not spliced into different pots in 2014Senatorial election. We are mothers and most of our members are widows. We know those who listen to our cry, whether in daytime or at night. We also know those who listen to us only during an election period.

This time around nobody can deceive us to vote for him or her. Our votes are going to a right direction. We are strongly behind somebody who has constantly helped us to pay our children’s school fee, who from time to time gives us bags of rice, bags of salt and many other things.

If I must tell you the name of the person, I will confidently say that Dr. Tokpa is our father, he is our husband, and he is our helper. May almighty God continue to bless him. May he never lack in his life time. From Senator of Bong County, God will promote him to the position of President of Liberia.

All we are saying give us Dr. Tokpa – Patrick Macaulay

“All we are saying give us Dr. Tokpa”. This is a solidarity song that I have heard from our youth several times, when the young man appeared in an occasion.

I think the youth are speaking to those that decide who occupies the leadership position in the county. The youth are the leaders of tomorrow and they know who is laying a good foundation for them. If they said give us Dr. Tokpa to lead us as Senator of Bong County, I don’t have any problem with that. But only person cannot decide the fate of another against the choice of the multitude when God’s blessing is with the person.

Dr. Tokpa’s Wagon carries everybody along irrespective of your ethnic background —  Layee Donzo of Gbarnga

I can’t lie to you, I like Dr. Tokpa, in fact we like Dr. Tokpa, because his wagon carries everybody along irrespective of your ethnic background. I am referring to us as members of the Muslim Community Youth Coalition Movement. He is our father anytime, any day. Our loyalty to him is undivided, we guide his interest jealously.

He has the interest of the youth at heart. We are always placed on his agenda in any of his programs. He always gives us fatherly advice, anytime we had a problem and ran to him, the problem is considered solved.

That is why he was given an award as ‘Youth Achiever of the Year’ in January 2014 by our organization. As an aspirant for the Senatorial election this year, we are strongly behind him because he has a good plan for us.

Dr. Tokpa is the man — James Paye

I can never join a queue of failure. I have listened to people about their comments on those that are jostling for Bong County Senatorial election. From the observations and comments of the people, Dr. Tokpa is the man, and that is the line that I am queuing on. I have never had a direct contact with him or benefited anything from him, but most people said he is good. I belong to the winning voice.

Dr. Tokpa’s House Is like Orphanage home — Isaac Peters of Panta District

I think I will have a problem with somebody if I say the person is bad or not qualified to be Senator of Bong County but I will freely move around the districts if I say this man is good to be our Senator or President of this country. So, I can tell you without fear or favor that Dr. Tokpa is our man.

His humanitarian services know no boundary. His house is like an orphanage home, where orphans and the less privilege are taken care of. No day that you go to his house you will not see people who come to say thank you for what you have done for us or please help me with school fees or something else.

How many of our political leaders do you see people trooping to their houses apart from their family members or political associates? Dr. Tokpa is a man with many achievements due to the people’s prayer for him every day. We need that kind of person to be our Senator

We need a Senator, who takes pleasure in seeing people happy — Earnest Siakor

We need a genuine person, who has been tested and found worthy of leadership position both at county and country level that we can entrust our mandates in his hands. We need somebody, who has human sympathy, somebody who has the fear of God in his heart and we need a Senator, who takes pleasure in seeing people happy. Do we have any of these aspirants with these qualities? The answer is yes.

Dr. Tokpa is naturally endowed with all these qualities that I have just mentioned. He has shown these qualities to us since his presidency ten years ago. Anytime he came to the office, he would move round to ask us, how are you feeling? I hope you are doing fine? Don’t hesitate to bring to my notice any problem that is confronting us here.

He is friendly to all the staff and carried everybody along irrespective of where you come from. Staff welfares were his top priority as he never delayed our salaries. Between man and God, he qualifies to take over the Senatorial position of Bong County.