Presidential Candidate Cooper to Quit Politics, If She Loses Election

Presidential Candidate Cooper to Quit Politics, If She Loses Election

Monrovia - The Standard Bearer of the Liberia Restoration Party Macdella Cooper says being the lone female in this year’s election says she would be done with politics if she does not win the presidency in this election.

Report by J.H. Webster Clayeh - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“I don’t plan to make a political career out of running, running, running,” she said after casting a ballot at the Mason School on the Old Road.

According to Cooper, she would rather support credible women and other viable candidates for various elected position in government.

“I plan to support those women and that will be my political career not to try to pursue or aim for a political seat; I think after this one I am done.”  

Also, Cooper has called on every participating candidate in Tuesday’s election to accept the outcome of the elections whether they lose or win.

“Irrespective of who wins this election, we need peace in Liberia and we must sustain the peace."

"The transition from one democratically elected government to another is something that we all are yearning for."

"So, I am encouraging whoever the losers are because out of 20 candidates’ only one is going to win the presidency, but we can all work to build a better Liberia.”

“I know Liberians, and I think that Liberians are people that are really passionate about this country and I think maybe there is a hand full of people that might just want to cause a problem but I think for the vast majority of people in the country will keep it relatively peaceful.”

According to Cooper, she supported and voted for President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in the 2011 elections. 

“I believed in female solidarity, I voted Madam Sirleaf and this time I Voted for Macdella Cooper; another female.

She said if she does not win the election, she would continue to contribute to the education sector which she would focus her attention to.