Was CDC Primaries Rigged? District -9 Aspirant Cries Foul

Was CDC Primaries Rigged? District -9 Aspirant Cries Foul

Monrovia – Members of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) are quarreling among themselves amid accusations that the primaries committee, headed by Youth leader, Jefferson Koijee, tampered with the results in favor of some undeserving candidates.

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The party held primaries for Montserrado County District representative aspirants over the weekend in Monrovia.

Ms. Paulita Wie, one of the candidates, who contested for District #9 seat against the incumbent Munah Pelham-Youngblood, claimed the votes were rigged. Youngblood, according to the tally announced, had 28 votes, Hannah Yates received ten votes while Wie received seven votes.

While Pelham-Youngblood was rejoicing her victory, Wie took to social media where she expressed her dissatisfaction over the process. She wrote: "Free, fair and transparent primary process is what I did submit myself to and not a stage managed or switching of a ballot box from the porch through the office of the party chairman and down the stairs and then to the stage for observers, the press and the public to see and count. 44 delegates voted but yet we witnessed 45 delegates that voted on stage.”

She continued: "Blue ink was used to vote without the papers being folded, but during the live counting, we saw black ink and folded papers. Our national and international observers were not opportune to enter the office were the votes were being cast. Serious concerns and this is unacceptable! Fool some of the people and not all of the people.”

A delegate of District #9, Zone 27 attested to Ms. Wie’s claims.

According to Larry Rogers Tugbeh, he was disappointed in the primaries results. Expatiating on the number of votes cast, he said, there were 45 delegates qualified to vote, but one could not turn up because she was sick, yet her name was pronounced that she had voted.

“We need a speedy intervention into this process because if not so, we the zonal head of the 30 zones of District 9 will declare our intention by informing that indeed we’ll resign from the political party of CDC,” he said.

But many partisans charge that the accusations are baseless. Some took to social media to condemn Ms. Wie’s post, claiming they all witnessed the process which was held in the open and broadcast live on Facebook as free, fair and transparent.

Sekou Kalasco Damaro wrote: “Let me say to you in this public manner that is unfortunate. I carried this process live and people from all around were watching the process from beginning to the end. I personally supported you in the process, but those delegates were not honest with you.

They voted against you. CC, you need to have the courage to just accept the fact and work for next time.

"I have never witnessed a process so open and transparent as the CDC primary my sister. To be honest, I personally talk to some of the delegates for you but on the contrary, their decisions went the other way around."

It was never possible for anybody to cheat in the process because of how it was done and for me to see something like this from you, it also beats my imagination. Let us learned from the process and prepare ourselves for future activities.”

The Strong Men Standing

District 8 incumbent, Acarous Gray, stood his ground despite a widespread perception that he had lost the favor of the people. Rep. Gray won the primary against Garblah Vincent Williams who nearly collapsed after losing to Gray, despite having an early lead at the beginning of the count. It was his second time contesting losing primary to Gray who won with by 29 votes.

Finally gathering the courage to accept the result.

“I had not been well; it is not the matter of result. For many that know me they know that I can withstand situation. Prior to my coming on stage, I had my own health situation; I had to manage since this morning.”

He added: “Our goal is for us to work together to see Ambassador become the next president of Liberia.”

Solomon George, the incumbent of District 7 retained his post space on the ballot with 17 votes.

Many believed Rep. George wouldn’t have been re-elected during primary due to his arrogant attitude towards his constituents. He, however, emerged first among six candidates.

The shocking defeats

Representative Edward Forh of District 16, also known as ‘You Eat, I Eat’ surprisingly lost District 7 ticket to Dixon Siebo. He only managed to secure 7 votes only which the victor had 26. Dixon is a prominent son of New Kru Town on the Bushrod Island.

“According to the result, I lost; the result is the result. I either resign from politics or go back into education or another course of action,” Rep. Forh said.

District 10 incumbent, Julius Berrean, lost to the party’s vice chair for mobilization, Mulbah K. Morlu, Jr.

The incumbent only managed to get 6 votes while Morlu swept away 25 votes.

Representatives Adolph Lawrence and A. Vamuyan Corneh maintained their tickets.

Uncontested Districts

Bill Twehway District 3, Nuwoe Scott District 4, Thomas P. Fallah, District 5; J. Gabriel Nyenka, District 11 and Saah Joseph of District 13 had no contenders in the primaries.