Several Teachers, Professors, Lecturers Pledge Support to Liberty Party

Several Teachers, Professors, Lecturers Pledge Support to Liberty Party

Monrovia - Cognizant of contributions teachers make to society, Liberty Party political leader has promised to improve the conditions of teachers in Liberia, by providing benefits when he’s elected as the next President of Liberia.

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“We professors and instructors, students from across the political 15 sub-division of Liberia  with one voice say after placing all candidates under the scale, we come with the decision to support the candidacy of Cllr. Brumskine and are prepare to carry out the message in every university and schools in Liberia” - Hilary Gibson, Petitioner

Charles Walker Brumskine says he will provide health, education and housing for teachers once he’s elected President.

He made the promised Friday, February 10 when he received a petition of support from a group under the banner Coalition for Professional Instructors in Support of Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine.

Brumskine, now a politician, recalled his experience as a child when his mom baked bread and he had to sell on campus to complement their income.

“With this history, I understand your pains; I understand what you go through daily to make ends meet for your family."

"I understand that the government, not only this administration, but governments in the past has taken you for granted you haven’t been given your due. Change is coming because I know what you feel.

If I be fortunate to earn the support of the Liberian people to be their next President, teachers shall be paid adequately. The Liberty Party government will ensure that not only your salaries will be increased but you will have benefits including medical care, and housing.”

Receiving the petition, he told the petitioners he was humbled by their endorsement of his candidacy and their move took him back to the days of his childhood when his mother and father were teachers. 

“Our country is not a poor country for our people to be poor but because the resources have been mismanaged. "

"Deficiency has been active in the affairs of the public sector; a change is on its way. Today’s endorsement shows to me that you been able to observe the three categories of candidates from among which you will have to choose or have chosen. ,” he said.

“There are those who have done what they can do and they cannot do no more."

"They have arrived where the economists call diminishing marginal utility and there is a Liberty party ready, prepare and able not only to lead but to win and to win big and there is a third group just the other party.”

He commended the teachers for the major steps taken in pledging support to his candidacy and cautioned them to join the team.

“You have said to the world that LP is ready to lead our country. I look forward to working with each and every one of you and I hope there is no turning back,” Brumskine said.

Brumskine, who entered politics in 1997, when he was elected senator of Grand Bassa County said his experience as a senator gives him a greater understanding of the problems of Liberia than any academic program has done for him.

He said the problems are not insurmountable and that Liberians are not different from other people around the world.