Parents of Children Killed By President’s Motorcade Frustrated Over Police Investigation

Parents of Children Killed By President’s Motorcade Frustrated Over Police Investigation

Monrovia – On a normal day, 12-year-old Melvin Tucker and 9-year-old Jackson Kordah would have been in school taking their lessons and playing with their friends, while their parents would look into their eyes with hope of getting a brighter future. Alas, they now find themselves in the mortuary – hit by the convoy of the President.

Report by Bettie K. Johnson-Mbayo/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“I am frustrated because up till now we don’t know who to actually talk to, everyone that came to the house didn’t leave a number all they say we should work with the Police, and Meekie Gray who I met today said he wanted to carryout investigation but when I went there today unfortunately they told me the hearing was postponed because they said they are not available now to do so,” Mark Kordah spokesperson of the family

Justice would not bring them back to life, but at least to some extent, it would clear off the pain from the chest of their parents who now remain helpless in their misery.

The accident that led to the death of the kids occurred within the vicinity of the ELWA junction at about 5:23 PM a week ago when the presidential escort vehicle was returning from the Roberts International Airport to Monrovia.

The kids were best friends attending the same school and were in the same study class, too. They were returning from study class when they met their untimely death.

In an unfinished mud building there were many sympathizers mainly women sitting on mats crying and whirling as they mourned the loss of the children.

Melvin’s mother is a fish seller and has five children, but was out of town when the accident occurred neither was Jackson’s mother in town.

Sitting on the mat, both mothers were dressed in black dress and head tie as they received sympathizers.

Alex and Tucker are the fathers but refused to speak to FrontPage Africa as the family had chosen a spokesperson named Mark Kordah, an uncle of little Jackson who had earlier left his house.

When called by the FrontPage Africa via mobile phone, he said he was at the Headquarters of the Liberia National Police, where he expected to be part of an investigation into the death of the children.

He said upon his visit to the Police Headquarters, he was told that the investigation would be stopped until the return of the President to the country or after the burial of the children.

But family sources said they can’t also bury the kids until the President paid a visit to the family since it’s her motorcade that was responsible for the deaths of their children.

He disclosed that the family was visited by the Ministry of Justice last Sunday and the Defense Minister and others last Thursday after the incident, but since then they left they haven’t communicated with the family.

Mark told FrontPage Africa that the two kids did almost everything together.

They Weren’t Selling

He dispelled speculations and media reports that the children went to sell when the accident occurred.

“This speculation must be clarified. When people do these things they try to refuse responsibility and put it on something else. The children weren’t selling, and they came from study class across the road, the public perception on children in the street is so wrong,” Mark said in a strong tone.

A Need To Carry On Awareness

The family spokesperson said there is need for the country to carry on awareness on public safety.

He further stated that the cross lines on the various roads are gradually becoming invisible as many still don’t know how to cross the streets and where and when to cross from.

“They’re always crossing the road, though I wasn’t on the scene when the incident occurred. But I can confirm to the public that the children aren’t sellers.

There are many children who randomly cross the road without education on how they should cross the road, so it is now up to the Government to make sure that an education is done,” Mark averred.

President Regrets

It can be recalled President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf expressed sadness and regret over the accidental death of the two children.

According to the Executive Mansion, the President upon her arrival in Accra, Ghana immediately spoke with the guardian of the children and assured them that upon her return she will publicly share the grief of the family by visiting them. She pledged to also take strong measures to avoid any reoccurrence.

Additionally, the leadership of the Liberia National Police also made contact with the family of the victims and met initially with the guardian, Jacob Garugap pending the arrival of the biological parents from Grand Bassa County.


While the Executive Mansion issued a press release that the two children were Tuckers, FrontPageAfrica investigation discovered that the two were not of the same parents neither were they Tuckers.

Also the release stated that Melvin was 7 years but the father of the deceased revealed that he was 12 years.

At the same time, the mansion said that the both were killed by the Convoy’s lead car but the sister of Jackson disclosed that her brother died en route to JFK Memorial Medical Center on 24th Street, Sinkor.

Police Probe

Commission of Police of Press and Public Affairs Sam Collins revealed that the driver had been disrobed and was undergoing investigation.

Though the law calls for 48 hours for investigation and charges afterwards, the Police press Director couldn’t confirm the length of investigation so far.

No Charges

It is not known which charge/s would be pressed against the disrobed convoy driver.

However, the penalty of accident related charges is usually fine of not more than US$1,000.00 or imprisonment of not more than one year.

The operator’s license may be suspended or revoked.

It Happened Before

In December 2015 Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf ordered the disrobing and dismissal of an agent of the Executive Protection Service (EPS), Joe B. Kollie for his involvement in a motor vehicle hit & run killing of Emmanuel Brown, 26, and a resident of 24 Street in Monrovia.

Agent Kollie at the time of the accident was not on official duty, the Executive Mansion said.

He, however, told journalists that he was transporting the President’s grandchildren when the accident occurred and could not slow down because of the safety of the President’s grandchildren.