Herman Brown Independence Day Was Indeed Profound

Herman Brown Independence Day Was Indeed Profound

Dear Editor,

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to Bishop Herman Brown for his scholarly oration delivered on the occasion of the commemoration of the 170th Anniversary of our Independence. This was one of the greatest enlightenment of our time.

Dr. Brown’s speech covered all spheres of our national life encompassing the roles of the media, the absence of virtues and values in the homes, the slackness thereof by parents to instill discipline.

His message to the media was indeed profound, considering the pivotal roles they play in society. Truly, when one listens to some of the radio stations or reads some of  the newspapers, one wonders whether the writers or speakers are truly Liberians or not.

They are negating the fact that we all are responsible to put Liberia first in all that we say and do. 

They are forgetting to promote peace, reconciliation and unity amongst us. Some of them knowingly and intentionally seem to aggravate, lambaste somebody or national leaders with insinuating stories just to cause confusion.

The fact that there is not a journalist incarcerated in our country does not mean that we should create the situation for it. Now that we have democracy, it is incumbent upon all of us to cherish it, protect it, and promote it.

I am not surprised at Dr. Herman Brown’s personal thoughts about the condition of our country, the way we behave, the way we interact with each other and the way our systems work.

I am not surprised because naturally, an avocado cannot bear mangoes, except by scientific cross cutting. Even in that case, the hybrid may not absolutely taste mango. Dr. Brown is a son of the late renowned Archbishop George D. Browne of the Episcopal Church of Liberia.

For many people who may have forgotten, in the 1980’s Archbishop George D. Browne delivered a similar message during one of the national occasions just like what his son did on July 26, 2017. I personally consider it as a facsimile of the former.

If my memory serves well, it was at the occasion of the inauguration of President Samuel K. Doe after winning the 1985 Election. The title of his message was, “Beat Your Swords into Plowshares and the Plowshares into Pruning Hooks.”

The Prelate lamented over the wave of violence, atrocities, dehumanization, the abuse of human rights, the indiscipline and absence of values and dignity which characterized the regime then and later escalated and culminated into national crises. The Archbishop was calling on Liberians to put off their swords and in fact, convert them into farming tools.

He was disgusted and disappointed at the manner in which the atrocities were meted even at disproportionate levels. His text which came from Isaiah 2: 4 was applied to the condition of the Liberian Nation and he called on Liberians to reconcile and unite. It was the message of the year!

Like Dr. Herman Browne’s father, his message on July 26, 2017 described the situation in Liberia and he offered suggestions which if heeded to would move our country forward. We all need to reflect on his message and follow his suggestions.

Thanks again to the Browne.

Thanks also to the Editor of this Newspaper for publishing my letter.

Othello K. Weh, Civil Service Agency
Monrovia, Liberia